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Cruise Answers - Question: We, may have missed the deal from ROYAL ... by co, llandudno jct


We, may have missed the deal from ROYAL CRUISES on the spend money on board etc etc ,as we booked before the offers came along,any ideas to RECOUP our losses from you hearty,s out there BEST REGARDS to all CAPT C----E
Submitted by - , llandudno jct - United Kingdom / Subject - Royal Caribbean Cruises Tips/gratuities
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Comment by , Manchester (03 Dec 11 12:56) about a QUESTION by co (03 Dec 11 11:29)
You might find that when you booked was less expensive than when the offers came on,,rci do do a price promise that if the same cabin grade goes down in price then they will refund the difference, as for recouping its one of those things i'm afraid, thjey can go up and down like a yo yo.....Brian
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