Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by SIDDLES (09 Oct 08 16:27)

Might I politely suggest that you look at the section above headed "Search all Questions and Answers by Topic: " and then click on the topic "Tips and Gratuities" and read the answers already sent in to many questions re "Tips" Or be far more specific with your question. .... Neil.

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Matt - replied to Neil & Ida Down (09 Oct 08 23:53)

I agree Neil, this question is now sooooooo.... yawn.... boring!!

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tightwad - Answered a Question by SIDDLES (09 Oct 08 16:30)

No you go to the pursers desk and fill in a form to change the amount added to your account for tips or cancel all tips.

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kendall - replied to tightwad (09 Oct 08 17:45)

As endlessly said before!!!! If you are too mean to reward 24 hour service then do NOT go on a cruise. staff pay rates are $50 PER MONTH Would you stay away from home for 6 months 7 days 24 hours etc. Unfortunately the $50 per month and tips is better than they can earn in the Phillipines or elsewhere.

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SIDDLES - replied to kendall (09 Oct 08 22:42)

I like to tip when i think people deserve a tip . not because i have to, and not just to compensate for their low wages ,they choose to do the low paid jobs.

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kendall - replied to SIDDLES (10 Oct 08 10:13)

As stated in my original comment these jobs are the best they can get i.e. there is so much competition for the jobs that companies can pay $50 per month. If you feel happy at exploiting their desperation to leave families/children at home for 6 months then do not tip otherwise be grateful that they are willing to work for $50 per month. If you remember 20+ years ago the Union of seaman (mr Prescott ) forced UK lines to pay high wages for unskilled labour. RESULT we no longer have a UK seagong industry If lines paid US minimum ages i.e. $7 per hour you can work out even at 40 hours a week then wage costs would rise from $50 per month to $1000 or so. What price a cruise then!!!

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mrs tightwad - replied to kendall (09 Oct 08 21:40)

Why did u assume we do not tip when we just answerd someones question we always pay our gratuitys everyones circumstances r not the same so next time u comment on someones answer dont assume .

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phillips - replied to kendall (09 Oct 08 22:20)

Sorry but if I want to tip for good service I will regardless to how much money a person is paid via salary, if the service is awful I will not tip exactly as I do here in uk. when we tip it is generous and often but will never feel obliged to tip just to compensate for the low wages that some people are obligated to take. it is about time cruise liners paid decent livable wages to stand off the big profits they already make. There is abig resession here in uk and I hope you tip the next handy man or d i y man very well because he is only probably making enough money here in uk to keep roof over his head and feed his family. sorry to be so blunt but we should tip when ever we feel the service is worthy.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by SIDDLES (09 Oct 08 19:31)

You asked this exact question a month ago! Why again this month?

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Hancock - replied to Wilba (09 Oct 08 22:48)

Because, as alleged with Harold Wilson's infamous Common Market referendum (remember?), some people go on asking until they get the answer they want to hear!

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