Proudfoot - Answered a Question by Cronje (05 Dec 08 19:47)

We are going on Grand Princess next year and intend to do what we did on our last Cunard cruise. Although tips are added to your bill there is a clear expectation in the last couple of days that staff should be tipped personally. We avoided this double tipping by removing o the tips from one of us at the Service desk and used the money "saved" to tip staff personally. We felt this worked well. Janis.

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Robertson - Answered a Question by Cronje (20 Aug 08 10:10)

On the Grand P a set tipping charge is added to your onboard account each day for each member of your party, children included. ( I think from memory it's about $10 ie £5 ). This is supposed to be so that you can forget about tipping on your holiday! Of course as we all know it doesn't quite work out like that. If you wish to have this removed from your daily charges, you must instruct the pursers desk to do so ( preferably as early in the cruise as poss - large queues towards end of cruise ). Whether you decide to keep it or not, you will still be given tipping envelopes towards the end to use for people " You wish to reward additionally for their service". Normally you would put something in an envelope for your room steward and give it to them on last morning as they are normally all hovering around anyway!! ( if you are happy with their service of course). Also your usual restaurant table waiters etc given after the last meal evening. If you were anytime dining and did not ask for a specific table area to get the same waiters with whom you had built up a relationship you may not feel it necessary to tip extra. On the GP I have noticed that on the second last and last evening the Section Head Waiters begin to suddenly pay attention a good bit more than they have all cruise to the diners. All of a sudden smiles appear as if by magic! It's cringeworthy!! However don't let this put you off. Tip if you feel you WANT to NOT because you feel you HAVE to nobody knows what is inside the anonymous envelopes anyway. The set tipping deduction is meant to be divided by all crew as I understand it, so if you remove it and only tip certain crew, then many unseen heroes below decks lose out. The GP is a great ship I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. PS one further tip tell the purser NOT to convert your onboard account into Sterling - the conversion rate is rubbish - pay in Dollars by C Card.

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Walker - Answered a Question by Cronje (23 Aug 08 00:47)

Hi, Just got back from a great holiday on the Grand and had the same concerns about tipping before we sailed. I felt the tipping rate was reasonable however I was not happy to pay the same for the kids. I attended the pursers desk on the first night and had the tips removed for the children. To change the amount was very easy, no issues at all, in fact they thought we wanted to remove all tips and didn't bat an eyelid! Have a great holiday, we have booked again for next year.

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