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Graham - Answered a Question by Walsh (20 Oct 08 09:55)

You have a choice - 1/ to pay in advance of the cruise. 2/ to have it added to your on board bill. 3/ to pay in cash on the last night to whoever you want. You will be asked a couple of days into the cruise, and if you prefer, will be given envelopes to use. We did this on Summit, and on the last day I also tipped a few people who obviously don't ususally get any, as they were delighted.

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Graham - replied to Graham (21 Oct 08 16:55)

We're going on our first cruise next year Brilliance of the Seas so have been reading many reviews on tipping. We were going to tip as we go along but leaving cabin attendants tip until end. Who else do you get an envelope for on the last night.

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Aldrich - replied to Graham (21 Oct 08 19:37)

So you are seriously going to hand out $5 every night to whoever serves you ...... madness IMHO. This is what it says on RCI website: What are the guidelines for tipping on cruises? A: So that you can thank those who have made your cruise holiday better than you could have imagined, we've developed these guidelines for tipping: Suite attendant: USD 5.75 a day per guest , Stateroom attendant: USD 3.50 a day per guest , Dining Room Waiter: USD 3.50 a day per guest , Assistant Waiter: USD 2.00 a day per guest , Head Waiter: USD 0.75 a day per guest , Note: These tips apply to guests of all ages. Tips for other service personnel are at your discretion. A 15% tip will automatically be added to your bar or wine bill when you are served. Envelopes for tips will be provided in your stateroom on the last night of the cruise. Tips may be paid in the following ways: Pre-paid, by having them added to your reservation by your reservation agent. Added to your onboard SeaPass account. Paid in cash at the end of the cruise TOTAL is $9.75pp pd it works out to be. Your way makes it more expensive .

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Graham - replied to Aldrich (21 Oct 08 20:43)

So are you saying we shouldn't tip anyone until end of of holiday? We are so used to tipping in hotels, restaurants etc as we go. Does the 15% tip added to bar bill suffice?

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Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by Walsh (20 Oct 08 15:03)

"I only want to tip people who I think have given a good service"'ll be tipping them all then and the rest of the question is superfluous. Now I have a question: Is this your first cruise?. ....Neil.

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Woolley - Answered a Question by Walsh (21 Oct 08 22:44)

I'ts all a question of good service whoever gives it to you while on board. If a payment is added to your account at the end of a cruise, you may well be disatisfied with those whom attend to your cabin area etc etc. Ask for envelopes during your trip and put whatever tip you can afford inside on the last day. A guide to a tip amount should be in every cabin. Happy Cruising.

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rennie - Answered a Question by Walsh (22 Oct 08 06:28)

In my opinion, these (marvellous) people should be given a fair rate of pay for the service provided by the cruise companies! They are an integral part of the cruise experience, as much as the fuel that is paid for that drives the engines and we all expect to pay for that. Tipping on cruises puts undue stress on both parties and is a kind of dirty thing and the set rates recommended only go to prove that the cruise companies actually see the tips as a surcharge they are afraid to include in the up front price. I usually tip very generously, by the way, and invariably more than the recommended amounts to certain people if they make my experience especially enjoyable in some way. There are some cruise lines that include the service charges in the price, and discourage tipping, which is a far more classy approach. Having said all that, it is entirely discretionary and we have found the best way is to use the envelopes and hand to the staff on the last night. This tends to give one the feeling of self-gratification and creates an expectancy and appreciativeness amongst the staff that leads to a special last night experience.

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McBlain - Answered a Question by Walsh (22 Oct 08 09:39)

I totally agree that you only tip the persons who have given you good sevice. Now! this used to be the norm but more cruise companies have now introduced a dailly gratuity added to your on board acount which can vary depending on which cruise line you are sailing with. This charge to your account is normally around $10 a day per person which they argue brings more of the service crew into the tipping loop, i.e. the never seen behind the scene crew. If you still prefer the old fashiond way of tipping with gratuities presented in an envelope at the end of the cruise, then I would suggest that you pay a visit to the accounts desk, which is normally adjacent to the main pursers desk. Do this on the first day of embarkation or soon after and have these charges taken off as the onus is on you to do this, otherwise the gratuities will automatically be charged to your account. We normally tip our cabin steward, table waiter and busboy as well as any other person who we feel we have have had good service, but these gratuity choices in our opinion should always remain with the passenger. The other way takes the incentive away from the srvice crew if they are gauranteed their tips no matter how good the service is, after all you can get bad service!!!!

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Johnstone - Answered a Question by Walsh (22 Oct 08 12:26)

No-one should have their tips taken from their credit cards. When you go on board just go to reception and tell them not to take anything off your credit card unless it is signed for. You have every right to do this and don't be told otherwise. Your tips are at your discretion and tip only if you think it's deserved. Don't take no for an answer.

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browne - Answered a Question by Walsh (22 Oct 08 12:26)

I like you were a little agast at the thought of tipping being added to my account every day..........until i went on my first cruise in sept this year I will never question this again for a measly 10 dollars a day these people worked so incredibly hard remained cheerful exceedingly helpful at all times and made my holiday perfect.THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY.

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