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Henry Ward's blog

Holiday Time what will it be?

By Henry Ward

Working for means that we do tend to have our holidays with our loved ones on board a cruise ship somewhere in the world.Be it a week travelling Northern Europe or the Norwegian Fjords, 2 weeks in the sunshine in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean or even exploring further afield, it is usually a cruise ship holiday.However, this year my wife and I decided to have a ‘ staycation ‘ a week at home exploring the delights of the South Coast, walking our dog Buddy and the...

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Nov 28 2016 10:11AM

Cape Town Calling !

By Teresa Esberger

Teresa Esberger's blog

As some people know I spent over twenty years in the Mother City, this is the view when you fly in over the ocean, which I will be doing this weekend ! On one of my favourite airlines (Emirates) from Birmingham, bit of a long trek with the change over, but so going to be worth it !!There used to be lots of choices flying direct, this would have been my first choice as only going for 8 nights, but the only airline that goes direct now is BA to Cape Town ?? strange that not even the national ca...

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Nov 26 2016 08:19AM

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Is...

By Gail Ryan

Gail Ryan's blog

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Is It All Just A Ploy?Now anyone who knows me will be very aware of how much I love to shop. Present shopping, food shopping, clothes shopping – it doesn’t matter to me. It’s all good. But I am fairly sceptical of this new phenomenon that has been imported recently from the USA – ” Black Friday and Cyber Monday “What is it all about?I am not adverse to a bargain or too, in fact I have visited various cities in the US post Thanksg...

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Nov 28 2016 05:36PM