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Tom Harding's blog

Celebrity Edge is finally on its way!

By Tom Harding

Some Exciting news for the Cruise industry last month came from Celebrity Cruises, they have been rather quite in the past year with the last new addition to the Celebrity Fleet being the Celebrity Reflection in 2012.Celebrity have never been about attracting the mass market like some of the competition out there such as Royal Caribbean with the Quantum, Oasis and Icon Class or MSC with the new Seaside and Vista Class, I always think of Celebrity being quite reserved.The Motto is Modern Luxur...

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Dec 06 2016 01:30PM

Ninas Christmas Wish To...

By Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones's blog

I write this blog with tears in my eyes but with the drive to do what I can to help. This beautiful couple are Ed Cusick and his wife Nina. Some of you may recognise him as he was in a duo on board P&O’s Oceana in 2010. This is where I met him and he is one of the most talented musicians I have ever met. Below is a picture of the duo do you recognise them?  Ed is desperately trying to raise funds with hopes his wife Nina will be here at Christmas so she can see her 21 mont...

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Dec 07 2016 10:38PM

Mysterious Myth or Superstitio...

By Alana Mills

Alana Mills's blog

Ahoy there!Sailors over the years have had many superstitions that they believed in. It is no wonder if you think about it as they navigated around the world with no satellites or ship to shore in-case of an emergency. Also, bear in mind as going to sea is one of the worlds oldest occupations, the time these myths were established, it is only natural that where inexplicable events have occurred, superstition and myth have played a major role in providing reasons for their occurrence.So here ...

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Dec 02 2016 08:00AM