Turnbull - Answered a Question by Smith (06 Feb 09 20:54)

Hello there. We went on this ship Christmas 2007 & did princess cays. we didnt book anything -no bungalow. The visit is all very laid back....... Our 4 year old did the play area ... our eldest -11 at the time - played beach volleyball........ maybe if you book a bungalow you get served lunch .... we just helped ourselves to the self service lunch....... meats, salads ,corn, drinks etc...... we had a great visit . The children were too busy to be still anywhere..... there were lots of sunbeds on the beach area ..... bars to sit at. I dont know if you are paying extra for bungalow---personally unless you like to isolate yourselves I wouldnt bother.......There is room to walk ,a stall or two. water sports, bars and sun loungers plus ocean to be in ...... save your money for another trip. Have a good one The Turnbulls Derbyshire.

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Smith - replied to Turnbull (09 Feb 09 10:04)

Hi, thanks for replying. This is our 3rd trip to Princess Cays so we know the layout (sorry should've explained earlier!). The last time was in 2007. As our 3 grown up sons (and 1 girlfriend) are coming with us this time we thought we'd book an air conditioned bungalow! - $199 split 6 ways isnt too expensive. We're really looking forward to our holiday!

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Heppenstall - Answered a Question by Smith (08 Feb 09 11:08)

We were princess quays on christmas eve 2006 and had one of the bungalows, one of the advantages is that your one of the 1st to get of the ship, as for the bungalows we thought we'd died and gone to heaven with the view that we had, you get served rum punches and lunch , also there was a bowl of fresh fruit in the bungalow, we thought it was wonderful but it was xmas eve, hope you enjoy it as much as we did{ happy cruising}.

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Smith - replied to Heppenstall (09 Feb 09 09:45)

Thanks for your reply! We've been to Princess Cays 3 times (the last time being in 2007) Its a beautiful place! This one is a special holiday ; all 3 of our grown up sons are coming with us so we thought we'd 'push the boat out ' and book a bungalow - split 6 ways its not too expensive! Looking forward to relaxing!

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