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Cruise Answers - Question: Hi We will be going on the QE on 02-05-1... by Booth, PETERBOROUGH


Hi We will be going on the QE on 02-05-12 Adriatic cruise and I have been looking at ports of call and excursions. There will be four of us all 60+ but still reasonably active.
I think the city/towns - Malaga, Dubrovnik, Venice and Cadiz we can do on our own, Malaga and Cadiz have open top sightseeing buses. Corfu, Cephalonia and Korkula, I think we will probably be better doing Island tours with Cunard. My wife thinks we may be better taking taxis for the Island tours. Has anyone any experiences or advice on any of our options.Many thanks
Submitted by - , Peterborough - United Kingdom / Subject - Cunard Cruises adriatic Ports of Call
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Comment by , PETERBOROUGH (05 Feb 12 13:22) about a QUESTION by Booth (02 Feb 12 14:23)
Thanks for all your answers it would seem we can do most of it ourselves, can't wait now especially looking out of the window here at all that white stuff.
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Comment by , Glasgow (04 Feb 12 07:53) about a QUESTION by Booth (02 Feb 12 14:23)
You are going on a great adventure, my wife and I did this intinary last October on the Queen Elizabeth, wonderful. We did not take any organised trips having decided to do ‘our own thing’; I must add that we are 52 and 53 respectively. In Cephalonia we hired a moped, whilst this is not for the faint hearted it was brilliant, there were also car hire firms on the main street which would give you the same freedom to travel across the island, go to Captain Correlli’s Café/Bar, if only to say that you have been. In Corfu we did just that hired a car, the car hire firm is on the pier head and is run by a Greek gentleman whose wife is Manchurian (we got the best price – as did everyone) 45 euros for the day + fuel. In Korcula having tendered shore, we walked out of the town toward to marina, returning to have a nice lunch; if we went again (and I hope we will) we would probably do the wine tasting tour as everyone we spoke to thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff in the restaurant we went to did take euros and it was inexpensive and tasty. I hope this helps your thought processes and I know you will enjoy this trip.
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Comment by , Birmingham (03 Feb 12 22:56) about a QUESTION by Booth (02 Feb 12 14:23)
Korcula doesn't really need n island tour wherethe tender drops you is literally in the main town with old town with shops and market, shore side bars, and seaside Area with beach activities. Great place to just wander around and nowhere near as exhausting as some of the other ports you will be calling at. Be warned though they will NOT. take Euros only their local currency (in Dubrovnik they seem to take either) .
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Comment by , PETERBOROUGH (03 Feb 12 22:02) about a QUESTION by Booth (02 Feb 12 14:23)
Thanks for the advice Moore and Solender sounds like a plan.
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Comment by , Royston (03 Feb 12 11:19) about a QUESTION by Booth (02 Feb 12 14:23)
Korcula (pronounced Corchewla) you will be tendered ashore. No need to take a tour here as you can wander around the walled town with its' largely pedestrianised streets. A delightful place, and you can eat or drink at one of the many seafront cafes! Cephalonia - I would take a ship's tour - the highlights are the difficult-to-access golden beaches, Fiskardo, a delightful fishing village full of tavernas and tourist tat and the underground Mellisani Lake which is well worth a visit!
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Comment by , Teignmouth (02 Feb 12 23:04) about a QUESTION by Booth (02 Feb 12 14:23)
Hi for Corfu there is usually a shuttle bus to Corfu town which is worth a visit. There should also be a shuttle bus to take you from the port to the old town in Dubrovnik. Yes there are open top buses available in Malaga & Cadiz but we didn't find much to do in Cadiz last year & wished we had taken a tour to Seville. In Venice the port terminal is out side of main part of town & P&O charge £15 per person to transport you back to st marks square. Not visited your other ports. Hope this had been of help .
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