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Sea Princess

OVERVIEW: Sea Princessspends most of its time cruising in Australasian and South Pacific waters. As is the case aboard most large ships, you will be well attended if you live in the top-grade cabins; otherwise, you’ll be one of a very large number of passengers.

Independence of the Seas

OVERVIEW: This ship’s ‘wow’ factor is its connection with water in the design of a dramatic water theme park on the pool deck – recommended for families with children. It is now based year-round in the UK for cruises from Southampton, although the onboard currency remains the US dollar, which makes

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Great week on the Thomson Celebration
Thomson  / Thomson Celebration /

By Hindes, Chelmsford on 17th Apr 2014
Great cruise. Flew from Gatwick. No real problems, although arrived at ship about 45 minutes late. Then getting our room and card organised took about 15 minutes, which, after a long day travelling, seemed an annoying wait. The room itself was good- level 6...  Read More >>
201 Views 3 of 5 found this useful
Party of six from Staffordshire England Panama cru
Princess  / Island Princess /

By Tongue, Tamworth on 17th Apr 2014
Just returned from the Panama canal cruise- LA to Fort Lauderdale 16th March-1st April.The ship had very good facilities like the Lotus Spa , a little bit of peace and quiet on those days at sea, good films by the pool etc...  Read More >>
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Is there any problems parking at cruise parking at Marchwood as it seems to be a long way from the Docks how much time should we allow to Mayflower terminal
Submitted by - French, Leighton Buzzard - United Kingdom on 14th Oct 2009 / Subject - P&O Cruises canaries Port Parking
7 answers, 1977 views
Answer by McMillan, Cranleigh (25 Oct 09 14:26) to a QUESTION by French (14 Oct 09 19:08)
How much does it cost to park your car for 1 week at southampton P & O cruises own car park?.
25 Oct 09 14:26 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by TAYLOR, Birmingham (15 Oct 09 15:05) to a QUESTION by French (14 Oct 09 19:08)
We have used both Marchwood and Cps and found both tobe very efficient.Yes Dockside parking with CPS is more convenient but a little more expensive and the round trip to and from Marchwood takes around 40mins so if you should miss the mini bus there could be a 40 min wait but you may find that one of Marchwood's Drivers will drive you and you car to Southampton Docks and the return your car to the parking lot.Regarding luggage even using Marchwood the Porters were waiting and unloaded our car.One last point on our last Cruise we had Free Parking with P&O/ CPS however when we returned everyones cars was covered in COCONUT Dust [yes Coconut]. A Cargo ship had been discharging alongside the Car Park.P&O employed a couple of Men with Hi Pressure washers and washed down each car as we left the Car Park.So if you are allergic to Coconut Dust .......
15 Oct 09 15:05 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by chatley, doncaster (15 Oct 09 13:38) to a QUESTION by French (14 Oct 09 19:08)
You know the old saying (you can please some people most of the time ect) we used Cruise Parking and found them very obliging helped me with my luggage out of my car never saw the cases untill they arrived in our cabin .Yes there is a slight wait untill the bus gets full but after driving 4 hrs plus who needs to rush you are on holiday!!! on our return no problems same helpfull staff Point to remember when you park at the docks you push your own luggage unless you can afford a porter
15 Oct 09 13:38 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Hodges, Kent (15 Oct 09 14:32) about an ANSWER by chatley (15 Oct 09 13:38)
We had our luggage unloaded out of the car for us at the docks by a porter (no charge) and then it was taken straight to our cabins - like Freemantle we will always use CPS in future.
15 Oct 09 14:32 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by Freemantle, Fareham (15 Oct 09 13:19) to a QUESTION by French (14 Oct 09 19:08)
We have always used CPS parking at the port. Yes it is more expensive than Marchwood but the service is fantastic. You drive up to the port, sign over your car, you will be given a receipt - keep it, very important as you will need it on your return. Hand over your keys, porters take your luggage and then you walk into the terminal building to check in. On return you get your luggage from the baggage hall, push your trolley out of the building and over the road to the reclaim desk in the car park. They will give you your keys and details of which line your car is parked in - simple. Well worth the cost.
15 Oct 09 13:19 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by Hodges, Kent (14 Oct 09 19:57) to a QUESTION by French (14 Oct 09 19:08)
Hello, we used this service for a cruise in June, although the car was safely parked we found the wait to get on a shuttle bus for the 15 minute journey to the docks too long and the wait to come back after the cruise was even longer, over half and hour and there was a scramble to get on a small mini bus when it arrived. We were also not keep informed of how long we would be waiting for the busses. In September we parked at the docks which we found a much quicker and more efficient option and only cost an extra £6 more than Cruise Parking. I would only park at the docks now - friendly, helpful staff and a much better start to your holiday.
14 Oct 09 19:57 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by kirkham, West Midlands (15 Oct 09 22:53) about an ANSWER by Hodges (14 Oct 09 19:57)
CPS Everytime.
15 Oct 09 22:53 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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