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Cruise Answers - Question: Can anyone offer any constructive advice... by Hargreaves, Vera


Can anyone offer any constructive advice. We are travelling on the Artemis part of the World Cruise.We visited the Medical Advice Centre and were duly advised to have the Tick Borne Encephalitis Vaccination and Hep A. But after reading the paperwork again these are just advised and not compulsory.
So question one do P and O check your vaccinations?Has anyone else on the same cruise as in Hong Kong to Cape Town been given similar advice?
We have followed the correct routes but are doubting that we need these for this trip?
Many thanks.
Submitted by - , Vera - United Kingdom / Subject - P&O Cruises Medical
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Comment by , Bristol (04 Dec 10 14:13) about a QUESTION by Hargreaves (03 Dec 10 20:18)
It seems pointless to take the trouble to visit the Medical Advice Centre if you are then going to ignore their advice.
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Comment by , UK (04 Dec 10 08:51) about a QUESTION by Hargreaves (03 Dec 10 20:18)
Advisories from the medics are just that...and are best heeded. Hep A is part of our innoculation routine so we are prepared for any last minute travel problems.
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Comment by , Romsey (03 Dec 10 22:49) about a QUESTION by Hargreaves (03 Dec 10 20:18)
As Brian's post, a "compulsory" vaccination is to safeguard OTHERS from being infected by you after you have left an area of high risk. Yellow Fever is a classic example, I guess there's others. If you have left a high risk area, the authorities in your next port of call may not permit you to enter unless you have certificate of vaccination, & the ship may not even permit you to board at the start of your cruise.. .................... "Advisories" are to protect YOUR health, whether you take or even seek advice is up to you. But its your health - and it's your medical bills if you keel over, cos your insurance co. will doubtless check out your vaccinations in the event of a claim. ............... Chris.
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Comment by , Rugby (03 Dec 10 21:54) about a QUESTION by Hargreaves (03 Dec 10 20:18)
P&O will only check for MANDATORY vaccinations, such as yellow fever, that are required for access to certain countries. You are wise to have any vaccinations recommended by your medical centre, even though these are not mandatory for boarding or access. I would double check the countries you are visiting to ensure that you have the correct vaccination certification, if any is required. Otherwise you may be refused boarding or entry.....Brian.
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