evans - Answered a Question by TORSON (05 Nov 08 14:33)

My husband and i went on a cruise last feb to the caribbean and filled our suit cases up to the limit. With regard to eve wear i took lots of mix and match outfits and 3 eve dresses to save space and i chose shoes that would go with 2 or 3 outfits. i also only took enough day outfits for about a week and did some washing on board ship on a day we were at sea this cut down on the amount i needed to pack.hope this helps enjoy your holiday kay evans (oxford ).

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Ponchaud - Answered a Question by TORSON (05 Nov 08 16:04)

My husband and I have now been on many P&O Caribbean fly cruises but like you we were a bit concerned on our first one regarding the luggage situation. Our experience is that these cruises are a lot more casual. We have found that on a 2 week cruise they generally organise the evenings as 4 formal nights and the rest smart casual. This at least negates the need to take the informal wear, which in our experience is a lot heavier than smart casual. I do also agree with the previous lady who suggests a lot of mix and match clothes. My biggest problem is reducing the amount of shoes and handbags I take - But if I can do it anyone can!

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Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by TORSON (05 Nov 08 16:48)

Hello Barbara, I agree with both of these comments and would only add that taking a carry-on bag that is as large as I am allowed and then filling it with all the heaviest things like shoes, stuffed with socks and other oddments does help. Neil has to lift them into the overhead lockers though. They always check your hold luggage for weight but seemingly never the carry-on items. They do check them for size though. We both wash out our "smalls and socks every night and take some clothes pegs to hang them in the shower, they are dry by morning so you don't have to take too many with you, every little helps. Ida.

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armour - Answered a Question by TORSON (07 Nov 08 19:31)

Wash smalls and hang to dry on line in shower, use launderette (Where provided), ask when cheap laundry day is---often fixed price for a crammed laundry bag---often on a sea day, excellent value and someone else does the ironing----really it is no problem just enjoy your holiday.

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Armstrong - Answered a Question by TORSON (07 Nov 08 22:14)

BA business class is the answer if you can afford it, as you can take 3 pieces of luggage each so long as they dont weigh more than 23 kilos per piece, plus 8 kilos of hand luggage. However if that is too cost restrictive depending on how long you are sailing for remember if you are staying over in NY in February it will be cold so you need to pack and dress accordingly. Regarding clothes for the cruise be realistic in what you pack. If you have 4 formal nights 2 dresses should do alter them with accessories. One pair of black heeled shoes. Semi formal again go for something floaty so that it will not crease much (use tissue paper when packing) and weighs next to nothing, again go for a neutral coloured shoe. Casual evenings tailored trousers and a top. Day time is easy a couple of pair of shorts and t shirts. Remember you dont have to pack towels or toiletries as they weigh a ton in themsleves. Remember the Caribbean should be warm during the day and in the evening a wrap for out on deck at night. The men are easy a couple of pairs of shorts 1 DJ, couple of dress shirts and a lounge suit and hey presto sorted. Also you can hire on the ships as well.

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Culhane - replied to Armstrong (08 Nov 08 01:05)

You can cut down your luggage by using the laundry service on board ship.

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Lewis - Answered a Question by TORSON (08 Nov 08 05:15)

Http://thetravelersnotebook.com/how-to/how-to-pack-as-much-as-you-want-into-your-carry-on-bag/ My son posted this recently, although you might look slightly overdressed going through security -good luck, regards, ricklewis@eircom.net.

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booth - Answered a Question by TORSON (08 Nov 08 06:59)

One answer is to make enquiries with your airline and ascertain their policy with regard to hand luggage. We have been on several airlines recently (including budget ie Easyjet) where the cabin baggage has allowed us to take a 'suit carrier' without weight resrictions. The carrier in effect becomes a second albeit smaller suitcase and is large enough to accomodate in excess of 15kgs. including the all important D/J, shoes and evening ware. Hope this helps. Remember, if accompanied, you can both do this.

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Thomason - replied to booth (10 Nov 08 11:18)

Beware however that whereas it is likely that your hand luggage will not be weighed, the airlines are more likely to restrict hand luggage if the size is outside their permitted limits - certainly a suit bag could fall into this category. My wife and I are also going to the Caribbean in 2 weeks time with a Thomas Cook charter. Their limit is 23kg hold luggage and 5kg carry-on (17"x11"x9" max. size). As suggested by Booth always check the restrictions with the airline!

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piggott - Answered a Question by TORSON (08 Nov 08 07:49)

Good info so far.But just a poit, having always fly cruised to cut out the bay of biscay and start the holiday in the sun we have found that as others have stated our concerns of whens enough enough ,have never found ourselves short.We cruised the caribbean this past Janaury and found ourselves over packed if anything as the glorious days seem to goi nto the evening and so does the casaul dress.I always take a tux but found the Americans all though smart seem not to.The cruise in the Med in may was the same I take umpteen shirts etc. and come back with some un used.But as the others have stated hand luggage is the clue to shoes I noticed on our recent trip in October others had the same idea and a couple who were last with a very heavy bags were found wandering up and down the plane trying to find a locker they could squeeze there cases into for ages most embarrasing when they were told to hurry up and sit down by the stewards who at the death took them off them and I assume stored them in their own spaces.So my thughts for the next time I fly with shoes and heavies which are not that flexible, is get on first - priority boarding if available or just get their early and settle in first.As for the caribbean cruise we had the best trip so far we had such fun as the atmosphere is relaxed friendly sea sand and sun. Good luck ... Laurie .

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