adlricj - Answered a Question by Stanbury (20 Jun 08 11:56)

You are not allowed to take a travel iron on onboard as this is a safety and fire hazard, so please do not. There are no self ironing facilities. You send items out to be pressed if needed. Plugs are both the US and European style so take both types of plug adaptors.

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Stanbury - replied to adlricj (20 Jun 08 19:47)

Thank you, but it's interesting that neither brochure nor handbook says anything about irons or other appliances being forbidden, only that whatever is used must (obviously) suit the supply voltage. Please clarify the type of power sockets actually fitted. Are you saying that cabins are equipped with both US sockets (twin flat pin?) and a 'European' type too (Continental twin round pin, UK flat three pin, or what?)? Only then can one know what adaptors are needed (and to gauge the risk of using anything if sockets not earthed!).

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Buckley - replied to Stanbury (21 Jun 08 09:51)

They have multi fit /universal fit anything adapters sold in Boots Argos Comet Currys ect, the cabins have 2 outlets at least and there is no risk they do have fuses ?

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Wilba - replied to Stanbury (21 Jun 08 15:33)

The sockets are round twin pin 110 & 220 volts. You normally have to read the terms & conditions of carriage to find the bit about No Irons.

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