Taylor - Answered a Question by Davey (04 Nov 08 21:08)

There was no wifi access anywhere on the Balmoral when I was on the ship earlier this year. There is internet access on the ship but it is expensive. This is fairly standard for cruise ships.

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Thomas - replied to Taylor (19 Jun 09 17:56)

How disappointing, I had read that it would be useful to take one's own laptop so assumed there was WiFi - but then looking at FO's A-Z booklet last night saw that there is not. Other than the expensive ship's internet it'll be a case of an Internet cafe ashore, I think - but what a waste of shore time!! Exactly how much is the ship's Internet on the Balmoral, anyone know, please?

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YOUNG - Answered a Question by Davey (08 Jun 10 22:50)

Old posts above - is there any change to wifi access on Balmoral?

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