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Baylie - Answered a Question by harris (09 Feb 09 09:20)

Hi, we are on the explorer in April for 12 nights and our info states 2 Formal, 2 Semi Formal and the rest casual. It is very difficult to say what constitutes these three styles as it very much depends on the demographic of other passengers. We wore tux and long dress with our children in suits for formal night and found that on FOS to the caribbean we were overdressed, whereas on Indy to Cork it was the norm. There are those on this forum site that will jump up and down and scream at the mere mention of Jeans in the main dining room, even on casual night but sad as I am to say it they were seen on many occassions in the Caribbean and were never refused entry.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by harris (09 Feb 09 07:18)

As you've not stated the length of your cruise no one knows. Go to RCI website/FAQ/Life on Board & it will give you the full breakdown.......Wilba.

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BLYTH - Answered a Question by harris (09 Feb 09 10:20)

The general rule of thumb 7/8 nights then 2 formal; 9/14 then 3 formal and one instance 4 formal the rest being a mixture on informal/casual.

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piggott - Answered a Question by harris (10 Feb 09 22:46)

We were on the Explorer last January in the caribbean and found that although we were happy to dress up and on a 10 nighter enjoyed it being smart most nights and Tux on 3, it was quite apparent that we were in the minority and being mainly Americans on board as you would expect ,we did find all sorts of casaul wear and yes jeans - we even had quite a few Harley's that had paid extra to bring them on the trip so their dress was uumm casaull to say the least - but hey they were on holiday - live and let live you will have a ball .

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Dyke - Answered a Question by harris (22 Feb 09 13:33)

I was on Explorer on the last cruise January 31st. 2009. I've cruised many time before and found that on many other ships most people dress up as required on Formal nights, not on here though. Usually on a cruise of twelve nights there are usually three Formal nights and most people look forward to and accept this and do dress up. On Sea Princess too, which is also Amercan Style cruising very many people didn't bother to dress up and it did make people who were "dressing up" look rather "over the top" which was sad really. On Explorer I found the same thing happened and a very many people don't bother to wear formal, but just wear lounge suits and often no ties. Ladies get by by wearing cocktail dresses or smart trouser suits etc for every evening meal. It seems that the Americans don't want to be bothered. Some ladies did bother to dress beautifull, in long gowns etc, but what is the point of this if their partners have dressed down? Each one I spoke to who didn't wear formal or ties said that they didn't like dressing up, so there you have it! The blurb for Ocean Village says that it is a ship for people " who don't "do" cruises!" ie don't want to conform to any dress pattern or respect anyone else who does. . I'm afraid that this attitude is now waking most of the cruise holidays like holiday camp holidays. Going away on holiday used to always feel like you were going somewhere special and that evening dinner was something to be enjoyed, to sometimes dress up for, to be a little out of the ordinary, a break from normal everyday dress and behaviour. Many of the cruise lines don't bother to enforce their own dress code, the result, very laid back almost to the point of casualness resulting in a holiday camp atmosphere.

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BOOTH - Answered a Question by harris (04 Apr 15 16:53)

I am in my muck most of the time at home due to my job. It is so nice getting washed and changed into a dinner suit on formal evenings. On causal nights i never wear jeans as i spend a lot of time in them at home.

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