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Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by Keith (20 Oct 08 00:05)

Hi, a simple answer.... ask Royal Caribbean Freephone 0800 018 2020 then when you know ask for more details about the one they chose for you and what to do there. ... Neil.

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Keith - replied to Neil & Ida Down (20 Oct 08 13:06)

I want to know the hotels they use before I book not after!! I have already phoned Royal caribbean and they won't say thats the reason I have asked for info on this site. I am not a novice cruiser.

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Neil & Ida Down - replied to Keith (20 Oct 08 15:18)

Don't get stroppy with me. Phrase your question in more exact terms and maybe then you will get more positive feedback. If we gave you three hotels that they have used in the past what sort of guarantee would that give you that you would be offered any of them... None. ... Neil .

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Forster - replied to Neil & Ida Down (20 Oct 08 15:25)

Neil, thank you for that phone number, I also wanted to know what hotel we were in. Just phoned and they tell me I am booked in at the moment in The Sheraton at Newark, we are flying out from Birmingham on 31st January. We are first time cruisers, so I also had lots of other questions to ask and I now feel more confident. Thank you once again for your valuable information. Rita n Brian .

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Neil & Ida Down - replied to Forster (20 Oct 08 16:09)

Thanks for the feedback, may I suggest that you look at tripadvisor to see how clients have rated that hotel and any tips about the area, and don't think that all the embarkation docks are like the one in Bayonne most are so much better. ... Neil.

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