Phipps - Answered a Question by baalham (16 Jul 07 11:52)

It is a confusing topic and everyone seems to have their own system -but will royal caribbean you can prepay the tips before you go (easist thing to do) and then on the night before they give you these vouchers in a envlope that you then give out to the relevant people. We did not like doing it this way last time we went on Royal caribbean because we only ate in the main rest once and never went back to it and ate in all the other places so not really fare as we gave tips in all the other places and had to pay for something that we did not have the service of. Also, be careful we noticed last time when we were in the caribbean that Royal caribbean ask for an "additional" tip to the drinks - they already take 15% as it is - all these bits ad up to the customer. I am sure that you will have a great time.

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burnett - Answered a Question by baalham (17 Jul 07 17:27)

You will be charged with your Account at the end of the Cruise. You will receive envelopes for the staff you are expected to tip on the last night.

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EASTWOOD - Answered a Question by baalham (18 Jul 07 05:44)

We have just come of the Navigator of the Seas but have been on 12 cruises with Royal Caribbean. The tipping system is that if you have not already paid for the tips within your cruise price which some travel agents include. Then towards the end of your cruise the Guest Releations Desk will send you a memo asking you if you want to pay automatic trhough you seapass account, if you decide that, you will receive vouchers for each member of staff already stated- which is approximately £35 per person for a seven day cruise- £70 for 14 days. However, you can decline that and pay by cash and give tips to any member of staff that you think made you holiday a better one. Good time to go to the Caribbean is March, we have been several times in March. Dos and donts - not many really, but i would look at the price of the explorations - trips, we think that they are expensive for some of the tours. Sometimes it is cheaper to get a taxi from the quay, but you must check on what fare is required first. If you are not happy with you table that you have received for your main dining, then you can see the Maitre-D and he will try and change it for you i.e. size of table and first to second sitting. Dont abuse any member of staff, or you will be sent off the ship at the next port. Check you onboard account via you tv in you cabin on a regular basis, sometimes mistakes are made and if you see Guest Relations they will sort it out. Dont go in the Casino to much, the slots are ok, but beyond that, be it at your peril! Dont miss the ship, i have seen people at the quayside before today!- Thats to me the biggest dont. Other than that there are not many dos and donts- just really enjoy youselves, i am sure you will, these ships are fantastic, not cheap on board for drinks, but we consider them town prices etc. Just think were can you go for a drink before your evening meal, then a lovel meal, silver service, then to a Production Show, a Casino all within five minutes of each other. Hope you really enjoy it, im sure you will.

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mc meekin - Answered a Question by baalham (22 Jul 07 13:35)

Make sure your gratuties are taken off at start of holiday check your bill daily only give to cabin steward and any other exceptional service dont be sucked in or pressured to giv.

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Albert Ross - Answered a Question by baalham (10 Aug 07 17:54)

The tips go towards the 4 people who serve you - room steward, waiter, asst waiter and headwaiter. Remember these people earn $50pm so essentially your tips are their salary. If you do not tip these 4 people then they do not earn for the week they have served you. And remember they do not only work in the room or dining room - they will work in other places on board the ship so will be serving you the whole time. There is no need to give tips to anyone else. There is a 15% tip added to any drink you buy - they leave a space for you to add more but you don't have to.

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baalham - Answered a Question by baalham (04 Dec 07 00:51)

Thanks for the info now understand the tipping procedure,any other info on crusing would be appreciated thankyo.

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