Keevil - Answered a Question by cope (03 Dec 07 11:07)

They should do - I took mine on Navigator in the summer. You just need to remember to take adaptors. I last travelled on Legend in 2006 and from memory used both american and european adaptors. hope this help.

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herd - Answered a Question by cope (03 Dec 07 11:20)

On RCI ships there are plug points in your cabin for electrical your camera battery charger etc,what you will need is an adaptor.universal/european type.........happy cruiseing.we have done the Voyager and Freedom ,both huge and beautifull.

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Collins - Answered a Question by cope (08 Dec 07 15:21)

I would take a couple of different makes of plug as the multiworld 'Boots' adaptor I took did not work, yet the 99p one did. The cleaner also let us use the sockets outside of the cabin on one cruise as the voltage was higher? Not so private though, but most ladies were doing this, we looked a proper sight. I also experiment with rollers, slides and clips etc, I wouldn't normally do this at home, but you're possibly never gonna see anyone again.

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cope - Answered a Question by cope (10 Dec 07 11:29)

Thank you everyone for your answers much appreciate.

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Big News for Celebrity Cruises!!

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