gregan - Answered a Question by Lee (08 Feb 09 10:56)

Pay on your credit card and ask to be charged in dollars by the time your credit card bill comes in the exchange rate on your sterling could be a lot higher than the dollar .

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Wilba - Answered a Question by Lee (08 Feb 09 10:07)

Pay by credit card is the absolute norm. If you want to spend the last few hours of your holiday queuing up to pay your bill in cash......need I say more.......Wilba.

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Buckley - Answered a Question by Lee (08 Feb 09 10:14)

Hi you will have to give them your credit card details before sailing at the time you get your seapass you can do this on line,as you check in they take a swipe and all your on board spending is automatically charged to it.If you wish to pay cash or US $ travelers checks you can on the last day. The Post office and nationwide credit cards are reckoned to have the exchange rates ? If you have some $ use them to reduce the bill and leave it on your card it is not that painful.

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Kingston - replied to Buckley (09 Feb 09 09:41)

This is what we did because of the pound falling against the dollar. We bought $ ahead of time and towards the end of the cruise we paid it into our account- absolutely no need to wait until the last day to do this. We then had the balance charged to our cc. As everyone else has said.... make sure you are charged in $... you don't want RCI doing the conversion!

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Oliver - Answered a Question by Lee (08 Feb 09 10:47)

Yes credit card - no queues. If they ask elect to pay in dollars - the CC companies exchange rate is normally quite good. Do not let the cruise line convert your bill to GBP, their rate may be not so good.

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