Wilba - Answered a Question by Dyte (07 Feb 09 11:10)

Irons are not allowed on RCI but a pressing & laundry service is available through your cabin steward. Dollars are good throughout the Caribbean, personally I think TC's are old hat as ATM's are worldwide now. You can eat when & where you like 24/7 as well as your table. Towels are provided for everything so don't waste suitcase space taking your own. As for the balcony, expect the best of views as you sit with a glass of wine ....or two!!...Wilba .

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BLYTH - replied to Wilba (07 Feb 09 11:44)

Whilst I agree ATM are everywhere it is the local currency you get stuck with and thats why we still prefer TC cashed for paper money, you will still get stuck with some local paper money and coins but not so much as they are used to dollars and usually have them in their till, then credit cards ... Bill.

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Wilba - replied to BLYTH (07 Feb 09 12:28)

Yes I didn't word that very well did I? I should have said I take dollars but I use the ATM's for emergency...........Wilba.

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Dyte - replied to Wilba (08 Feb 09 10:03)

Can you pre book trips? As yet we have received nothing from RC or travel agents! Not even our tickets!!

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Wilba - replied to Dyte (08 Feb 09 11:24)

You should have your tickets about 6 weeks prior to departure. If you haven't I would ring your TA. You can pre book trips, go to RCI's website, all is there......Wilba .

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BLYTH - Answered a Question by Dyte (07 Feb 09 11:38)

Everyone else has the same problems on this ship there is no self service laundry but there is a pressing service and you can organise this via the staff who will be looking after your stateroom. We always carry dollar travellers cheques bought here in the UK getting as good an exchange rate as you can just now then cash them at the bank on the ship for paper dollars for spending ashore. On the ship you sign for all you spend, it is a cashless society keep the receipts and you can check your spending on a channel on your TV in your stateroom. Plenty of towels whether from the pool area or your stateroom. If you are booked on 2nd sitting not easy to do a switch other than eat in an other area that night. Your table allocation is for the whole cruise but if you find you have a problem speak with the restuarant manager to see if you could move to another table. Hope this helps.

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morton - Answered a Question by Dyte (07 Feb 09 11:58)

I'd go with Mr/Mrs Blyth on the T.C's. Credit/charge card for the big bills, cash for bits and bobs, casual spending ashore,room service and other tips and traveller's cheques for just in case you need more spending money or to help in an emergency. You can keep them for your next trip or cash them in on your return if unused.

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Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by Dyte (07 Feb 09 12:09)

You have answers from two very experienced traveller so far, Wilba and Bill but as it’s a lengthy set of questions I will put in my five pence worth as well. ….. Your clothes if you leave them on wire hangers will get less creased and can be hung in the wardrobes far more quickly than by using theirs. If something is badly creased then after you have had a shower you hang the item in the steamy bathroom and the creases will drop out. We always take US $ which we buy from M & S because they always have the best exchange rate, we use a Nationwide Credit card for purchases on the ship and ashore as they don’t charge interest or commission so you always get the best rate, (make sure that you are able to clear it off at the end of a trip because their interest rate after one month is high) and use a debit card to get money from the ATM on the ship or in the USA not on Caribbean islands. I have used US dollar TCs and the safety of them is reassuring, on the ship they do not charge to change them so it’s dollar for dollar. I am sure that if you went to the Maitre D’ he would slip you in on an early table if you really wanted that but I have never met anyone doing it, (same thing if you don’t like your table companions just ask the Maitre D’ to reassign you, it happens quite a lot on the ship). If you are going into an American airport then you will have to claim your luggage at the airport and take it to the transfer bus it is only on islands like Barbados where this “straight to your cabin” facility is often offered. Loads of towels in your bathroom, on the pool deck and for going ashore so save room for more clothes and you’ll enjoy your cabin just wait and see. …..Neil.

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morris - Answered a Question by Dyte (07 Feb 09 13:31)

We do what Neil does as regards the money side of things....Post oOffice usually give good exchange rates so get some dollars and use nationwide card if you need any more. All places we went in October took US Dollars, just take as much as you think you will need ashore (divided between you) and leave rest in your safe. Clothes get less creased if you roll them in the case rather than fold, and then hang in steamy bathroom if necessary.

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Linnie - Answered a Question by Dyte (07 Feb 09 18:52)

MTD-My Time Dining, might suit you better if you are not sure about when you want to eat. It is available on your sailing. You have to pre-pay your "tips" when you request MTD. It means that you can choose when you want to eat dinner at night, you are stuck with a set time. Your TA or RCCL will be able to give you more details on MTD.

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