morris - Answered a Question by stafford (03 Dec 08 19:29)

Everything you spend on the ship i.e. drinks, laundry, beauty treatments, etc. and also any excursions will be charged to your onboard account which is paid at the end of your cruise. You cannot pay this by debit card, the usual way is to pay by credit card, but you can pay all or some of it in cash but in that case they usually need a sum up front of around £200 I think. You can keep a check of how much you are spending by asking at reception every few days! some ships you can check on the incabin tv but am not sure if Sea Princess had this facility! Hope this helps !!

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Roberts - replied to morris (09 Dec 08 20:48)

We have cruised 12 times and have always been able to pay with our debit card. We have been on Sea Princess and they accept a debit card. You can keep tabs on your account by asking for an account every day if you want.

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morris - replied to Roberts (09 Dec 08 23:13)

I stand corrected is the Switch/Maestro debit card which is not accepted (on P and O definitely) and that is the one I have!!

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Newman - replied to morris (04 Feb 09 22:51)

Have cruised 3 times on Sea Princess and have always registered my debit card to pay my onboard account with no problems. Debit card can also be used on the onboard ATM.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by stafford (04 Dec 08 07:47)

Just to add to Morris's excellent advice, you will not have to wait for your credit card bill to arrive. You will receive a detailed statement on the last night of cruise & on some cruise lines, an additional mid cruise statement half way through the cruise. Wilba .

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Austin - Answered a Question by stafford (05 Dec 08 22:42)

You can pay by DEBIT Card we have just done OCEAN VILLAGE TWO and did not have any problems.You do have to register your card when you go on board and you do pay at the end of you cruise but you can go and get an up date of how much you have spent anytime you like.

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Grant - Answered a Question by stafford (06 Dec 08 03:50)

I disagree with Morris. I have cruised with 6 different cruise lines and every one of them have accepted a Visa Debit Card! To be comfortable about being able to do so, contact your cruise line and ask them.

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Vanstone - Answered a Question by stafford (06 Dec 08 09:15)

We travelled on Sea Princess last year and had a fabulous time. We always register a credit card on embarkation and then if we have any $US currency/travellers cheques left towards the end of the cruise we pay some of the account off, the rest goes onto the credit card. We also keep a check on what we spend by asking for a statement at the pursers desk every so often throughout the cruise. If you go it alone on shore and in the Caribbean this is fairly easy, you will need US currency for taxi fares etc. I believe you can use your debit card in ATM's on shore. As to how much to take with you - well my husband and I would usually allow about $US100 each for each port , sometimes we came back with most of it, but if you go on excursions from ship most things are covered in the cost. As we like to have a flutter in the casino we allow ourselves something for this each day. Gratuities are charged onto your shipboard account each day - but again you can also have this removed and give accordingy to your cabin steward and waiters yourselves at the end of the cruise. Hope this helps.

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Jaye - Answered a Question by stafford (07 Dec 08 19:26)

I take my credit card or debit card as a back up and for larger purchases ashore but never register them with the ship as I always pay with cash. It all depends on how much cash you want to carry with you, I normally use travellers cheques as they are insured if stolen. If it is an American cruise line I take US Dollar travellers cheques with me, you have to pay an amount to your account when you board. You can just go along to the reception desk on the first or second day and they will credit it to your account. I normally leave approx 500 dollars to start off with and then I just keep on topping it up as the time goes on, they refund back to you anything that you have not spent, you just have to go back to reception after the accounts have been closed on the last night or early the day of departure before you go to breakfast ( late night is better as there are less queues ). We have just returned from a Princess Cruise , the ship we were on put a block on a card when the amount left on it dropped under 200 dollars. It was a little annoying as although I was the main account holder and had given my permission for my husband to have a card on the same account they loaded the money I had paid onto one card only, so it looked as if there was nothing on my husbands card and it was blocked. I had to go down and complain as it was basically the same account and had plenty of money on it, they did get it sorted out, but just be careful. We normally take at least 1500 pounds worth with us, but don't normally spend it all as we are not big drinkers and only book a couple of trips with the cruise company. Trips get charged to your account only if you book them with the cruise line. Where are you going to? I am sure many people on this site could give you tips on which trips are best to do with the cruiseline and which you could easily arrange yourselves for a lot less than the ship charges.

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SANDLER - Answered a Question by stafford (10 Dec 08 08:13)

I try and take some cash with me and pay a substantial amount of the bill off in cash before my credit card is debited, that way you avoid a big credit card bill when you get home. In the past because of good pound to dollar exchange rates this has proved beneficial, with the weak pound you will have to assess whether you are better to buy dollars now or wait and see.

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