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Payne - Answered a Question by Halcro (13 Oct 08 12:13)

Hi, I am going on this cruise and as far as I can tell it is a new cruise for Dawn Princess for this destination, hence no reviews. Sun Princess did a similiar one the same time this year but if you read the reviews it sounds like a bit of a disaster, with cancelled shore trips due to bad weather, etc., etc. I have a slightly pathetic question to ask which I may have to refer to the Princess line itself. I realise the onboard credit card payment will be in AUD and the shore excursions will be New Zealand dollars but I use the laundry rooms on board and you have to use coins for the soap powder. So.....which currency, (coins) do I bring on board for this? There, I told you it was a pathetic question!

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Halcro - replied to Payne (24 Oct 08 14:22)

Good question!! Be interested to know what the answer is. As the Princess Line are geared usually towards the American market perhaps it will be American Dollars!! Look forward to meeting you on the ship!!

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www dot - Answered a Question by Halcro (29 Sep 08 19:47)

Loads and loads of reviews on the site where my name should be......

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