Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by SIDDLES (16 Sep 08 20:25)

Sounds like another one looking to get something for nothing. Heaven help us. I can hear the cheapskates sharpening their quills now. ... Neil.

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ross - Answered a Question by SIDDLES (16 Sep 08 18:58)

Oh gawd - here wer go again........

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phillips - replied to ross (16 Sep 08 20:39)

Seriously if it is your first cruise and this might be the first site someone has looked at , the person might be fazed. BUT the answer is yes it is expected to tip. princess charge $10 50 PPPD. you can go to the pursars desk and have this taken off, but please remember cruising has always been about tipping. if you do take the tips off and just give the tip tp your steward they have to hand this tip to ship to be pooled; so they dont actually get the tip like wise your waiter. if you have ex. service in this country would you not tip? lots of people take the kids tips off with no problem but i think the srvice is usually soo good that we keep it on and still tip steward if he or she is prepared to be extra special also our waiter.also give rm service approx $2 when they bring breakfast. hope this helps.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by SIDDLES (16 Sep 08 19:10)

Yes! It's been a tradition sinse cruising began.

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