BLYTH - Answered a Question by Brown (25 Jun 08 15:30)

Once you book-in and get your seapass everything you buy on the ship is charged to that so keep all the receipts safe in case you feel you have been charged for something you never bought and want to query it. The ship will carry a range of currencies but it is not the best place to do an exchange unless you are really stuck. Thr currency on the ship is US dollars so carrying dollar travellers cheques which you can shop around back home before you go is one way, then you just cash them as you need them. You don't say where you are crusing but if the Caribbean most islands accept US dollars. If you are in Europe you can get Euro cheques and then cash them on the ship or use your bank card in a hole in the wall when ashore and finally if you have a credit card then this can be used ashore anywhere in the world. Have a great cruise.

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Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by Brown (25 Jun 08 16:43)

Nice answer from Scotland, all I would add is that should you carry US dollar TCs no charge is made on the ship and indeed in most stores in the US when you change them for goods or money, unlike Sterling TCs and here in Europe using your Nationwide or Post Office credit card can be financially rewarding compared to so many others. ... Neil.

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morris - Answered a Question by Brown (26 Jun 08 12:33)

Not many people use travellers cheques these days...if you are going to europe just get euros before you go (post office has good rates) its cheaper and if you have underestimated what you need you can always go to an ATM.

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morton - Answered a Question by Brown (26 Jun 08 17:11)

Interesting comment on Travellers cheques.Most people I know use them and like us have them as back up.We travel to the US at least 3 times a year on holiday and always have US dollar T.Cs because I know the hotels will cash them if we run out of readies.When cruising,our credit or debit card is the currency of the day. When in port we usually use these cards too and we always have euros and US dollar notes around.We also take a small amount of local currency with us depending upon the ports of call and what we think we would like to do.Interestingly, whilst in South Africa, my friends bank debit card gave a fantastic rate on the rand.Maybe he was lucky,I don't know. I think it pays to do a spot of research just before you travel. Ida and Neil, where have you been this time.You have been missed.I'd love to read your travel blog if you ever take time to write one.

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Morton - replied to morton (26 Jun 08 17:55)

May I also add that TCs are a very safe way of carrying extra or large amounts of cash.Ships,hotels and good shops will cash them and if they are lost they can be replaced although how quickly this would happen on a cruise when visiting a few ports,I'm not sure.

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