Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by Cross (02 May 08 20:05)

Wow a serious question! Not how much is the beer or can I get out of paying tips or where can I smoke. Well done, “ Cross of Norwich”. Let’s deal with this in an overall manner because it affects the way most major cruise lines work. Most of them pay homage to being responsible because it is good for the areas of the world in which they work and they don’t want to foul up the seas or the countries they visit but none of them, to my knowledge, and here I may be causing a huge injustice, none of the actively work in the poorer parts of the world and do things in a philanthropic way unless the underlying reason is to help themselves. A prime example of this is when you read a sign in your bathroom which says “ Save the Seas” and you are asked to be sparing with the use of towels, not just because it is green to do so but because it cuts down the laundry costs of the ship. True, the disposal of waste is far better now than in days of yore but , again as far as I know, there is no responsibility taken for the way that waste is disposed of after it is taken or piped ashore. I just hope that someone is going to write and say how wrong I am. On the positive side most ports and countries gain large amounts of income from tourism and that is financially beneficial to a countries economy and that is to be applauded. Many countries gain from the monies sent home by staff working on the ships, again a laudable thing but there is also exploitation here and most of the things that are done by the cruise lines are done to make a profit for the companies and their shareholders which, in turn, is the way that should produce the most good. I certainly hope so and that is why I enjoy cruising three or four times a year and hopefully will for some time to come. I also hope that that I am more altruistic in my aims although I still admit to enjoying myself immensely …Yours …Nei.

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