Latham - Answered a Question by Stockton (12 Nov 08 14:02)

Hi, I use a wheelchair and although can’t speak for Ventura have cruised with Princess and Royal Caribbean. However, I’m sure the facilities on P&0 for anyone with mobility problems must be as good as on those ships. I’ve had an accessible cabin with balcony on both cruises and they’ve been excellent. I can’t stand or walk but the facilities have been great so as you say you’ve got a small amount of mobility it should be perfect for you. On the Princess and RCI cruises, the bathroom had a roll in shower with a pull down seat and there was plenty of room to move around in there. Hope this info is helpful although I’m sure you’ll soon get answers from people who’ve used Ventura. Have a great holiday.

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webster - Answered a Question by Stockton (14 Nov 08 17:49)

Unfortunately, they will only let documented passengers on board - for security reasons, so any family and friends will have to wave from the dockside! (and take your earplugs, because the cabin doors on the Ventura slam all the time). Entertainment and food is excellent.

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Stockton - replied to webster (16 Nov 08 19:50)

Hello. Many thanks for your kind reply to my question re: our Cruise on the Ventura in April 2009. I can well understand them not allowing family on board. With regards to the earplugs my Husband will not be affected by the noise as without his earing aids he cannot hear any noise at all, but thanks for your advice I will be prepared for the banging doors. Best regards & Thanks again.

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gunn - Answered a Question by Stockton (15 Nov 08 09:10)

You have chosen a very nice ship, and you will find it easy to move around the whole ship with your scooter, the cabins are a decent size, with plenty of drawers and wardrobe area, and quiet comfortable, and it is easy to get out onto your balcony. The staff are very helpful, and you will be made to feel welcomed, along with the many others who you will meet on board that also have to use a wheelchair. The restaurant is large enough for you to take your scooter, and they will even drive it out for you after you sit down to eat. The theatre has an area at the back for you to stay seated in the scooter, and your husband can sit next to you, but get in there early, as many other disabled will also be heading for these spots. April is usually warm enough abroad to enjoy visiting your ports of call, so overall, I think you will find you have made a wise choice to cruise on Ventura. My advice to you will be to arrive nice and early at your departure terminal, if it's Southampton, then we normally arrive around 11.00am, and although this means an hours wait before they start booking you onto the ship, you will at least be one of the first on board, and then I suggest you make straight up to the buffet on the lifts, as you cannot get into your cabin until at least 2.00, so at least you will find a nice seat at the buffet, and it will not yet be crowded, because it certainly will fill up quickly. You will not be able to have anyone going on board with you I'm afraid, all cruise ships have had to stop this, so your family can only rather boringly, wait at the terminal to wave you away, but that will be a very long drag for them, so bear this in mind. If you are thinking of taking any trips when in a port of call, will you be able to walk down the ramps, these can be very steep in some ports, because if you cannot go down unaided, you may not be allowed to get off the ship, so think carefully before booking any trip in advance before you order the trip, P&O will send you details weeks before you go. May I also point out as a guidence for you, on the arrangment the ship has for tipping the staff. This is automatically charged onto your daily charge, and as a pensioner myself, I find it rather expensive, and cannot really afford it, so if you feel the same, then as soon as possible, maybe the next day or so, go to the reception desk, and ask them to put a smaller charge towards your tipping, or cancell it altogether, saying you will tip the staff personally, but please, bear in mind, the staff will be looking after you so well, that if you can afford it, leave the charge on your account, they do deserve our support. My wife and myself found Ventura a well designed ship for the disabled, and it will become a popular ship over the forthcoming years, so you can look forward to a great time on your cruise.

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Stockton - replied to gunn (16 Nov 08 19:43)

Hello. Thanks for your very comprehensive reply to my question regarding our very first cruise which we have booked on the Ventura in APRIL 2009. It really sounds as if we are in for a good time and have taken all of your points on board. Can't believe that so many people have been so kind with their comments. I appreciate the fact that we may not be able to go on some of the trips but after being in Hospital very ill for six months I am so pleased and gratefull that I have recovered enough to go on the Cruise let alone the trips ashore and will be happy with whatever I can or cannot do. Best regards & Thank You again .

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Watt - Answered a Question by Stockton (15 Nov 08 17:54)

Hi there i am sure you will have a wonderful time but your family members will not be allowed onboard the ship,but there are plenty of staff that will take you onboard and help you with your lugage and hand lugage,and take you to your cabin when you arive if you ask someone there they will see that all your needs are met,they are very very good,all the best " enjoy".

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Stockton - replied to Watt (16 Nov 08 19:59)

Hello. Thank you very much for your kind response to my question re: our cruise on the "Ventura" in April 2009. I really appreciate your comments and cannot believe how kind people have been with their replies. Best regards. & Thanks again.

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Latham - Answered a Question by Stockton (16 Nov 08 13:43)

Hi, Forgot to answer the part where you asked if family members are allowed on board to escort you to your cabin but I see others have answered this. However, I think the reason they don't let family members or friends come on board and see the cabin is because they'll get jealous and beg you to let them go with you on the cruise :-) Seriously though, it must be for security reasons as otherwise you'd have countless people wandering on board the ship. Just don't feel too guilty as you're waving to your friends/family members on the dock as your ship sails. Enjoy your cruise.

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Stockton - replied to Latham (16 Nov 08 19:31)

Hello. Thanks you very much for kindly answering my questions re: our cruise on the "Ventura" in April 2009. Really appreciate your comments and had already suggested to the Family that they would not be allowed on board, but they seemed to have been misinformed by someone that this is possible. They now have it in Black & white (so to speak) and although their intentions are good it will be better that they do not come to Southampton with us, in which case we may travel the previous day and put upin a Hotel for the night. Best regards & thanks again.

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Fulford - replied to Stockton (19 May 09 23:43)

Dear Stockton My husband,who has some mobility with a frame,but needs to use a wheelchair most of the time, is booked wth me on the Ventura, September cruise, but we could not get an adapted cabin, so took a Balcony cabin on D deck. Having read many of the comments, mainly negative t seemed, about this ship how dd you find it. Were you helped to board, to reach your cabin,etc. And how did you find the dining rooms eg getting a wheelchair close to a table. I have asked for Freedom dining, but now worry that it mght have been better to have fixed seating in club dining- in fact am getting so many worries, I am beginning to wish we were stayng at home. Are there really hordes of unruly children and yobbish parents, running amok? would be grateful for any advice or information you or anyone else can give me. My husbands health s not gong to get any better and ths may be our last real holiday- need it to be good. Can you giveme any advice.

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