mcdonnell - Answered a Question by WIGHTMAN (19 Oct 08 16:06)

It is ok dont worry about it, i have always been a bit worried about crossing the bay, sometimes it can get a bit wobbly but you will be ok if you are going from southampton my husband said it takes just under 24 hours depending on wind i suppose as well, but please dont worry you will be fine.

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stevens - Answered a Question by WIGHTMAN (19 Oct 08 18:04)

We have never had a problem with Biscay, been across january, april, september, october and november. Had problems with other areas. I suppose we have been lucky Its the luck of the draw as they say. But we have always come back to sail another day. It will take about 22 or there abouts hours to cross, but dont forget all the things on board to take your mind off it. Have a wonderful time, I'd rather cross Biscay than be stuck in credit crunch UK.

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mumford - Answered a Question by WIGHTMAN (19 Oct 08 18:17)

Sailed through biscay in mid september. Just like glass, or a millpond as some say. Sat on balcony and a whale came up at side of us. Magical! Seen the same thing (Whales) many years ago. Wish we were doing it again soon. Had effects of hurricanes in the caribbean so go, enjoy, the memories will live forever. Sea sickness if it happens will soon fade away. It's worth it regardless.

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morris - Answered a Question by WIGHTMAN (19 Oct 08 19:13)

We are also on that sailing and hoping that the Bay won't be too choppy!! the last time we crossed it on Sea Princess it was quite choppy but I never felt the need to take my stugeron!! the secret is to keep low in the ship and as near the middle as you can....we went down to the dining room for breakfast rather than up to the buffet. Ventura is a larger and newer ship than Sea Princess so perhaps will be more stable anyway.....I'm not worrying about it just looking forward to getting away to some sunshine and relaxation!!! Think positive!!!!!!

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jones - Answered a Question by WIGHTMAN (19 Oct 08 22:12)

There are a huge number of things that contribute to ships making passengers seasick, the angle of the wind, the ships speed, wave height etc. And on my last trip my wife did suffer badly, I went to the shop and invested in some "sea bands", and they actually did the trick. Most ships doctors will give you a jab, but at up to £75 a shot, and sucess not guaranteed, it's an expensive bet. The shop tablets are a low cost option, but I dont know anyone who has recomended them? But some advice from me, who fortunatly has never been seasick - try to get out on the upper deck and get some fresh air in your lungs, eat/drink something with ginger in it, dont miss a meal, and relief will come quickly. The bay of biscay can go from duckpond to force 10 extremly quickly, but then again so can the Med or any stretch off open water, if you can think mind over matter it's easy peasy. Happy cruisin !!!!!!!!!!!

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Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by WIGHTMAN (20 Oct 08 00:12)

It's all in the mind, one and a half days to really clear it but.... start the day with cereal, fried egg, sausage, bacon and tomato, plenty of toast and marmalade and good company to keep your mind occupied and laugh in the face of the Bay, it's a wonderful place. ( If that doesn't work go back to bed). LOL . ... Neil.

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burdon - Answered a Question by WIGHTMAN (20 Oct 08 10:11)

Hi it takes about a day to sail the bay depending on conditions, the bay is unpredictable its a lottery if its rough or not, just be prepared for sea sicknesss if you do suffer from it.

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Setter - Answered a Question by WIGHTMAN (20 Oct 08 17:30)

We have done the Bay 4 times in October----3 really lovely calm sailings each way; the other the exact opposite. I do suffer fron sea-sickness as I have balance problems(illness, not too much gin, in case some of you were wondering!) and I find a phenergan injection from the ship's medic is the "miracle cure. It may cost up to £75 a shot but frankly that's a small price to pay for almost instant relief from sea-sickness , and yes, it truly is well nigh instant!Dont worry about it; but rest secure in the knowledge that if the worst should happen phenergan will sort you out.Cynthia .

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Rum Runner - Answered a Question by WIGHTMAN (20 Oct 08 20:34)

Everyone else has offered sound advice regarding crossing the Bay of Biscay except no one has mentioned the importance of securely stowing all your gear in the cabin and bathroom. I dont think seasickness is the problem. Its returning to your cabin to find all your perfumes and that bottle of Moet & Chandon plus a bucket full of ice strewn all over your floor. Comedians who occupied the cabin before you may also have popped some loose change or one or two marbles into the ventilation trunking above your cabin and that will drive you mad much more readily than seasickness. I hope you have a great time and I am sure you will.

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Mellor - Answered a Question by WIGHTMAN (12 Nov 08 10:30)

Take me with you! Of my last 30 crossings of the bay only 2 have seen wind force 7 and none higher. I must have some calming effect on it!

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