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hatton - Answered a Question by Cox (19 Mar 07 17:24)

Are you asking if you can pre book parking in Southampton, if so yes you can. Contact your travel agent & they will get you a number to call to book. I would recommend it, just saves the hassle when you get there.

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davis - Answered a Question by Cox (25 Mar 07 17:37) stands for cruise and passenger services linked to p o provides secure valet parking at dockside terminal excellent service superb ship been twice due again you will have a fantastic holiday any more help needed.

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murray - Answered a Question by Cox (08 Apr 07 14:12)

I used cruise and passenger services when I cruised on Oceana last year. Very efficient buy whatever you do make sure you keep the paperwork they give you to hand (mine was accidentally packed in a case) as there will be a hell of a pallaver getting your car back without it. Depending on how many of you are travelling there is also a good alternative. If you book a room for the night prior to sailing in either of a couple of the good hotels near the terminal then they will include parking for the two weeks in the cost of the room. So if you are a couple it works out at about the same price but you've had a refreshing stay overnight and you can get a taxi right to the departure lounge and back to your car without having to queue to deposit and collect your car.Regards, Keith. P.S.If you want to know the hotel details then I will post them online for you on request.

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Betsy Davies's blog

Out with the old and in with the new

By Betsy Davies

Happy new year to you all !! I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and a merry new year, I have had a great time with my family and friends. Unlike a lot of people who dread going back to work and suffer from the January blues I LOVE IT !! I have to say we have literally not stopped here at and have been working round the clock but one thing is,its great for the new years diet.As we are in the new year now it’s great to look forward to all the lovely things we have planned...

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Jan 13 2017 09:43:25:000PM

Surprise cruise anyone?? Yes Please!

By Abbi Varela

Abbi Varela's blog

Recently I have seen the number of cruises I have booked as surprises increase…infact I have booked four in so many weeks which is quite a lot! Every time to I speak to a customer planning a surprise cruise for their loved one I have to say I get all excited and always think how amazing it would be if someone planned me a surprise cruise! If only….!Usually the surprise is met with excitement and is a huge hit with the person being surprised but recently I witnessed when the surpri...

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Jan 19 2017 08:10:04:000PM

Earning cash at sea by taking a selfie.

By Steve Fuller

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Selfies have become very popular and with social media like Face book and Instagram you can’t look though any news feed without seeing a selfie from someone.I often joke to my girlfriend, who happens to like a selfie. Well, she tells me that she takes load but only the odd couple are chosen to be posted. Yeah right I think! Anyway, joking with her I once said you should get a job involving selfies you’d be good at it. Low and behold would you believe it? One has only gone and beco...

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Jan 13 2017 04:14:16:000PM