Skinflint - Answered a Question by Slatter (13 Oct 07 11:11)

Can you tell the good Mrs Slatter that tipping is a traditional part of cruising. You should expect to pay around $10pp pd - if Mrs S thinks that paying £5 to a group of people who will satisfy your every whim is too much - then perhaps crusing is not for you and you should book a traditional hotel.

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martin arvelo - Answered a Question by Slatter (13 Oct 07 12:30)

Most cruise lines these days deduct tips from your oonboard account, but if arcadia doesn't do this, then i should use the closed envelopes with no name on them . . always bearing in mind that tips are not really tips on board ship, but an integral part of the earnings of the workers . . .it's time they were given a new name. have a great cruise valerie,.

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Boston - Answered a Question by Slatter (13 Oct 07 14:54)

Take a look at the following link I think you will have budgeted the right amount. Dont worry yourselves about it though just enjoy your holiday, kind regard.

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middleton - Answered a Question by Slatter (13 Oct 07 18:07)

You have been married for 38 years and are asking for other people's opinion on tipping surely your wife's opinion comes first for you have to live with her after the cruise i prefer to tip those that i have come in conact with and have given good service i do this by placing the tip in enverlopes and sealing it giving it to the person on the final morning before disenbarking not a day before this ensures good service to the end i also go to the pursers/reception office at the start of the cruise and cancell the tips being added to my ships account in my opinion this is a scam the only ones that benifit from this are the shareholder.

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Falan and Leanne Down - Answered a Question by Slatter (13 Oct 07 19:58)

I like your sense of humour and particularly the "bread and cheese bit" and there will be those who will disagree with me but.....Princess Cruises are run on the American style of living. They pay their staff very little expecting them to provide superb service and augment the small amount they get with tips. This is the way things happen on cruise ships. Most of these girls and boys servicing your cabins and tables are away from their families for 9 months at a time and unless they can send back to their families some money then their husbands/wives and children make little or no money. The cruise line will suggest a reasonable amount to give to the staff and unless they have fallen way behind with their duties I, for one, would suggest that you give them that and if you feel that they have done things over and above what was expected then give them more. I have noticed that people say that Americans get cheaper cruises than we do, if that is so then will they please tell me where as I have yet to find the agents selling at a lower price. Some people will say that they never pay the suggested amount and I would suggest that they will always try to pay the least amount anyway. If you can afford a cruise then you should accept that you follow tradition and pay your dues. If you don't want to then either complain direct to the cruise lines to change the system or go on some other form of holiday. There are some cruise lines where tips are not expected or accepted, Princess Cruises are not one of them. You will enjoy your cruise with Princess, they are a terrific cruise line and your standard of living will be far in excess of most of those serving you, so be thankful that this is the case. I write like this because I believe in a fair world for you and all. You will love it out there, Bon Voyage......Falan Dow.

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Carnegie - Answered a Question by Slatter (13 Oct 07 23:11)

Waiters cleaners etc on ships dont get an ordinary wage packet like others they depend on tips if they get none they have no money they work hard and deserve a nice tip but your information booklet will let you know how much you are expected to tip the.

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Castro - Answered a Question by Slatter (14 Oct 07 11:35)

Opt out of the ships autimatice tipping deducted from your account- tip who you think deserves a tip- usuaally in an envelope at the end of your cruise given personally to the member of staff who has looked after you- there will always be certain individuals who will look after you more then others- cabin stewarts are usually the lowest paid. I agree with other comments here- low wages for staff keep cruise prices affordable for us! tipping is a cruising tradition etc so either way I think you should tip, personally I like to tip individuals to thank them for their excellent service rather than sign up to the cruiselines system. To give you some idea of their wages- cabin stewarts' salary is 24 euros a day on averag.

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Green - Answered a Question by Slatter (14 Oct 07 18:04)

The tips go towards the 4 people who serve you - the waiter and his assistant, the head waiter and your room steward. These people, as it has been stated, get paid a meagre salary - I have heard US$50 a week, and they RELY on the tips to make up their salary. Please ignore the previous suggestions of 'Castro' who suggested 'tip who you want to' - basically everyone esle on board gets a salary and whilst they will be very happy with your donation, they don't 'need' it and you should only tip the 4 named above. Remember that there will be 15% automatically added to your tab whenever you buy a drink - this is the tip that goes to the bar staff. You do not say how long you are cruising for - but a week's cruise should be $70pp which is around £35pp so your £100 will last around 10 nights! Hope this helps.

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