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Silver Cloud

OVERVIEW: Silver Cloudis an intimate sort of ship best suited to discerning and well-traveled couples, typically over 50, who seek a small ship with excellent food and fine European-style service in surroundings that border on the elegant. The passenger mix includes many nationalities, although the

Independence of the Seas

OVERVIEW: This ship’s ‘wow’ factor is its connection with water in the design of a dramatic water theme park on the pool deck – recommended for families with children. It is now based year-round in the UK for cruises from Southampton, although the onboard currency remains the US dollar, which makes

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Majesty even better now
Thomson  / Thomson Majesty /

By Kindred, Wigan on 19th Apr 2014
Favourite restaurant - The new improved now inside San Marino Piaza .This was open when we sailed on Majesty in the summer it is now a larg intrior buffet very bright and always had tables free. The service received - as always the cheery staff make the...  Read More >>
Not a fan of MSC
MSC  / MSC Preziosa /

By garland, swansea on 19th Apr 2014
We have sailed with many of the cruise lines but thought we would try MSC Prezioza which was sailing from Venice. The embarkation procedure is organised chaos, it took hours to board. The drinks package is worth it, try the Allegresimo, 23 euros+15%, per...  Read More >>
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Can you cancel the $12 per day per person gratuities charge on NCL's Epic - looking at transatlantic next year as an extra cruise down to costing - if this cannot be cancelled it puts the real cost up as 14 x 2 = 28 x $12 which is a rather expensive $336 and cuts it out from appearing so cheap - can anyone advice?
Submitted by - Chapman, kelbrook - United Kingdom on 15th Nov 2010 / Subject - NCL Cruises General
14 answers, 2098 views
Answer by harmson, hook (09 Jan 11 16:19) to a QUESTION by Chapman (15 Nov 10 00:30)
I myself have been on an ncl cruise and on recieving the final bill which included the $12 per person per day surcharge we went to reception and discussed this we were asked what amout we would like to pay we paid $50 in total, as the cruises and drinks are not cheap, i dont think that the staff get the money anyway and if you add up the total passengers and what the cruise line would get at the rate they charge it is a lot of money.... the reception gave us a form to fill in and that was it....
09 Jan 11 16:19 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by fay, annathill (15 Nov 10 17:04) to a QUESTION by Chapman (15 Nov 10 00:30)
Dear Chapman , Just returned from cruise on Gem (could you please find to read my review). Like you I paid up front but also gave extra to cabin staff. My problem is that although this "pot of prepaid cash" is supposed to be paid to the other staff that we are not in direct contact, I found that after asking some of the domestic staff about this "pot of money" the answer was , we work very hard for little money with no mention of any extras . I have asked n. c. l. for some sort of statement to confirm that this money does in fact go to these members of staff.
15 Nov 10 17:04 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by McDermott, DARWEN (29 May 11 18:08) about an ANSWER by fay (15 Nov 10 17:04)
We will be giving extras in cash, but as this is to be our first cruise (Western Med on the Epic, summer 2011), should we give US dollars or would Euros be better as the staff are round the Med for the summer season? Thanks in advance for all advice received.
29 May 11 18:08 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Taylor, Milton Keynes (15 Nov 10 13:57) about a QUESTION by Chapman (15 Nov 10 00:30)
We went on Norwegian Gem this Summer. We had a great time, but the service was not brilliant so we refused to pay the $12 (which is way in excess of what P&O, RCL and Cunard recommend) and agreed instead to pay what we thought the service was worth - which was $4 per day. They were perfectly happy to agree to this as long as we filled in a form to explain our issues, so that they could address them accordingly. If you don't explain what you weren't happy with - how can the management improve things for future travellers?
15 Nov 10 13:57 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by fellows, blackpool (20 Jul 11 22:42) about a COMMENT by Taylor (15 Nov 10 13:57)
add your COMMENT here...
20 Jul 11 22:42 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by Solender, Royston (15 Nov 10 11:00) to a QUESTION by Chapman (15 Nov 10 00:30)
You really need to total up the "extras" when you cost out a cruise as they vary enormously depending on the cruise line. We get people complaining endlessly about the cost of gratuities, drinks, laundry services, beauty treatments, wi-fi, shopping and services on board in general. Apart from the 6* cruise lines, cruises are priced low to attract business, and once they've got you...........
15 Nov 10 11:00 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Malcolm Oliver, Essex (15 Nov 10 11:16) about an ANSWER by Solender (15 Nov 10 11:00)
"You really need to total up the "extras" when you cost out a cruise" - Yes NCL are surcharge experts!
15 Nov 10 11:16 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Chris, Romsey (15 Nov 10 18:51) about a COMMENT by Malcolm Oliver (15 Nov 10 11:16)
Solender is correct about most cruiselines, esp the US/Italian lines. ............. and you are even correcter about NCL in particular ............ and I need to brush-up on my grammar ;-)
15 Nov 10 18:51 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Answer by Blyth, Dundee (15 Nov 10 09:51) to a QUESTION by Chapman (15 Nov 10 00:30)
When making a booking we always ask for the up front cost of gratuities, not that we won't pay happily that way we have a total cost of the cruise, before we make a final decision. I have to agree with the others although the gratuities are still our way of tipping the staff for excellent service which we always get. You may not know but and I agree when they take on the job they know they won't see home for 6 to 9 months depending on their contract, but at least when you finish work for the day you are at home with your family....Bill
15 Nov 10 09:51 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Straight Talker, Suffolk (15 Nov 10 08:42) about a QUESTION by Chapman (15 Nov 10 00:30)
The grats are essentially the satff wages, NOT a bonus. Do/did you work for free?
15 Nov 10 08:42 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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