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Camilla Edwards's blog

This Is A Really Good Deal But...

By Camilla Edwards

Price is obviously a huge factor when booking and cruise or holiday, so looking through the deals on our website 599 per person for a 10 night cruise looks like a really good deal. A look at the itinerary though might make you think it`s a bit cold in this region in December.P&O`s Aurora is one of her much loved older, smaller by today`s standards, ships. This itinerary sets sail on 6th December 2017 and calls at Hamburg, at 2 day stop in Copenhagen, Olso, Amsterdam and Zeebrugge for Bru...

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Apr 24 2017 05:52:38:000PM

Running with my pack!

By Caroline Kyle

Caroline Kyle's blog

Ever wondered what us cruise consultants get up to when we’re not here booking your dream holidays?Well, you might be surprised to hear that running around the countryside like a pack of Wolves and getting covered in mud is up there!A few weeks back my wolfpack the Lycans and I took part in the Spring Wold Run, If you have never heard of the wolf run its a 10k off-road run like no other. The course includes a unique mix of great running trails across open ground as well as through thic...

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Apr 25 2017 06:22:56:000PM

My poorly puppy!

By Barbara Hopley

Barbara Hopley's blog

Well my dog is not actually a puppy any more as he is 13 years old this year, his name is Patch as some of you will know from previous blogs. We call him Peter Pan Patch as never seems to get any older…..Patch is my baby boy as well as my 4 cats, but he has been through the mill the last 6 months. In November he had to have an abscess removed from his mouth and a lump on his eye lid removed – bless him.Then about 6 weeks ago I found a lump under his front left armpit the size of...

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Apr 27 2017 09:34:13:000AM