BLYTH - Answered a Question by gwilliam (03 Jan 09 13:11)

There is a website in the States and it promotes bridge but more on a professional level and Holland America is one of the cruise lines they use along with Crystal and Princess.

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Morton - Answered a Question by gwilliam (03 Jan 09 13:53)

They do. I was a '4th year 'beginner' at the time and went along on my own to play. I was early and after telling the crew member in charge-director- that I had only been learning for 4yrs,I was made to feel most unwelcome by a few rather elderly ladies already there and so, taking the hint, I left. Later on in the day I bumped into the director and she told me not to pay any attention to the other players and turn up to the next session. I did and found that I was actually more capable than many there and totally enjoyed myself. Acol and Standard American rules do differ so look them up and maybe print out a crib sheet before you go [google Acol and Standard American differences]. I did but didn't find it too much of a problem. Just ignore the ignorant and enjoy. I am travelling with HAL in Feb. and am looking forward to a game or two.

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Morton - Answered a Question by gwilliam (03 Jan 09 14:17)

Yes they do. We have cruised on HAL quite a few times and I was a 4th yr beginner when I first plucked up the courage to go along on my own to a bridge session on a HAL cruise. I mentioned that this was my first time to the bridge director and was overheard by a some elderly Americans who were most offputting [probably worried that they would be landed with me as a partner]. I took the hint and left. I bumped into the director later on in the day and she told me not to be put off and so I went along to the next session. I found that I was as good if not better than many there and had no problem holding my own or finding partners to play with. There are differences between Acol and Standard American and I made a short crib sheet of them before we sailed. I treat bridge as a game and not a matter of life or death and I try and steer away from the fanatics [and they from me]. Obviously I have no idea of your standard and you are probably much more capable than I but whatever your standard go along and enjoy.

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