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Ida and Neil Down - Answered a Question by meir (24 Sep 08 14:08)

I have no knowledge of this ship but I do have knowledge of cruise lines and agents and if I were you I wouldn't be moaning to us but I would be spending a large amount of time remonstrating with whoever sold me the deal. If, as you say, you were promised a large picture window with no mention that it could be a restricted view I would not be a happy person and would be worrying the dickens out of the agents until it was changed. You have to pick your words carefully because somewhere in the small print it may have been explained that this was an option but even if it is there you must have a go at them..... If you don't ask you won't get and you could even get the upgrade fairy waving her wand,… so go for it. .... Ida.

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BLYTH - Answered a Question by meir (24 Sep 08 15:21)

I agree with Ida it should have been made clear at the time of booking so go with her suggestion and I hope you are successful if not and you don't cancel when you get on board wait until the ship sails and then get down to the Purser's office the floowing morning and although they will say the ship is fully booked it never is and I have helped others on previous cruises get this sorted but you have to be persistant. For a bit of light banter you could ask if the Queen and Prince Philip were to arrive announced you would find a cabin for them, well there not so we will have it, best of luck.

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Miller - Answered a Question by meir (24 Sep 08 17:12)

If you look at the Fred. Olsen brochure you will see that cabin 6068 has a restricted view. It is essential to study these details before booking.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by meir (24 Sep 08 20:20)

Unless your booking on a ‘Guaranteed Minimum’ basis, whereby you take pot luck, you ‘choose a cabin’ & not get ‘allocated’ a cabin. As the others have said, jump up & down at the TA’s. If your with the TA at the time of booking they should show you the deck plan. If it’s done over the phone they should ask you to bring up the deck plan on the internet & discuss the cabin position prior to a decision being made. Hope this helps for the future. Regards.

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meir - Answered a Question by meir (25 Sep 08 08:20)

Thank you for your comments. My husband did the booking over the telephone and paid extra for a superior outside cabin with a picture window. It never entered our heads that a superior cabin could also have a restrcted view. It was only when the documentation started to arrive that I noticed that it was a restricted view. I have contacted Fred Olsen about this but they say it is between my agent and my husband. I have sent a follow up e.mail to them stating that if their (not mine) agent has suggested an upgrade but ommitted to say it was a restricted view then I feel they should take some responsinility about this. As I say they are not interested. I would like to know, at this point, just how restricted is restricted in 6068?

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Ida Down - replied to meir (25 Sep 08 14:28)

The agent is in fact your agent and as such has proved very inadequate and lacking in its knowledge and the need to let you know important facts. That is terrible but don't let it lie there, jump up and down some more with the agent and if you do not get ant joy tell them that you intend to make this knowledge of their inabilities known through the media. I think that they have taken your money with the knowledge that they have restricted the information given to you and that is SHARP PRACTICE. Don't let it rest there but speak to them on the phone or better still in person in a place with other customers listening and not by e-mail.... I wish you luck .... Ida.

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Stone - Answered a Question by meir (25 Sep 08 19:51)

In the Fred Olsen brochure that I have, cabin 6068 is shown as a 'Fully Obstructed View', indicated by a black square next to the cabin number. It may be that since the ship was lengthened that cabin is now 'A Restricted View', indicated by a star. Unfortunately the Lido Deck (6) houses the lifeboats, hence the reason the view from some cabins is restricted. If the cabin is 'Fully Obstructed' a lifeboat will be immediately outside the window, almost entirely blocking the view. It will not prevent light coming into the cabin. In a 'Restricted View' cabin, the lifeboat will partially obstruct the view e.g. halfway across the window. Unless, as has already been mentioned,the cabin was booked on a Superior Twin Outside 'Guarantee Basis' with the cabin only being allocated when you received your tickets. I would say that your T/A is totally at fault for omitting to mention this vital piece of information and not giving you the choice as to whether you accepted the cabin, or not. It would appear from the Fred website that the only cabins still available on your cruise, are 'Superior Suites' and 'Wheelchair Adapted Inside Cabins'. Make a huge fuss and confront the agent face to face, preferably when the shop is full of other customers. Hopefully they will meet the cost of an upgrade to a Superior Suite. Incidently, and I know it's absolutely no consolation to you, the Superior Outside Cabins on Main Deck (4) have very large picture windows and no restricted views. Good luck! I hope you get satisfaction and thoroughly enjoy your cruise. Regards Jan .

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Russell - replied to Stone (27 Sep 08 10:10)

Pleased to read your comment do you have any info oncabin 4137 ?

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Stone - replied to Russell (28 Sep 08 00:12)

Hi, I was really only replying to Meir's request for information about F.O.ships. I expect I should have ticked the 'comment' box instead of the 'answer' box, but I wanted to ensure my comments were read before they travelled. I don't have any specific information about cabin 4137, I assume you mean on Braemar? I was in cabin 4070, a superior O/S twin in the newly lengthened section. The cabin was very quiet and kept immaculately clean and tidy by the unobtrusive room maid. Cabin 4137 is a standard O/S twin with a picture window on the opposite side of the ship to 4070 and along a different corridor. I hope it proves to be an equally quiet cabin. The layout of most of the outside cabins on Main Deck is similar, some cabins just have more modern furnishings than others. That deck is very convenient for the Thistle restaurant and lifts up to the Coral Club and upper deck restaurants. Happy cruising Jan .

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Russell - replied to Stone (28 Sep 08 10:21)

Thank you - looking forward to it Gill.

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