Neil Down - Answered a Question by Jones (02 Aug 07 19:31)

I think that you are worrying unnecessarily. Tipping is a fact of life on most ships and to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to tip the systems on board are well tried and tested. Tips are mostly given on the last evening of a cruise and envelopes are provided for the tips with the position of the recipient printed on it i.e. Waiter, Housemaid etc. The will also give you a sheet given what they consider to be the expected tips for each person. You do not have to tip or you can increase the suggested amount if you feel you have had exceptional service. All I would say is these guys are generally not very well paid and rely on tips to supplement their income. Personally I have only refused to give tips to three people in 40 cruises and then because they definitely didn't warrant paying. Relax and don't worry about it at all Neil Down .

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Robinson - Answered a Question by Jones (30 Jul 07 09:06)

You don't necessarily have to have your tips deducted automatically. You can choose to have these waived [forms available from purser's office] and tip as you see fit. However, this is a contentious issue. It's really up to you. Most tipping isn't done until the end of the cruise so don't see how cruise staff could be unpleasant - and in any case, how would they know you've opted out.

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Gilmartin - Answered a Question by Jones (30 Jul 07 10:04)

I agree with previous answer. I always insist on paying gratuities direct to ensure that the staff concerned actually receive the money.

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Hough - Answered a Question by Jones (30 Jul 07 15:29)

We opted out of the automatic tipping on day 1 of our last cruise. Just go to the Pursers Desk and they will give you a form to sign. At the end of the cruise we gave cash to the people we thought deserved it. Always check your onboard account to make sure they adhered to your instructions to opt out. Tipping doesnt need to be difficult - and the staff will not be any the wiser as to who has or has not opted out. Have fun thats the main thing!

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Thomas - Answered a Question by Jones (30 Jul 07 15:59)

No don't opt out,unless you are a tight ####,and you don't sound it ,an amount will be added to your bill on the last day,that way everybody gets a share even the poor little sod who washes up gets a staff get a % on every drink you buy so you don't have to tip anyone you have paid this on your account.The service on Cunard is second to none they are worth every penny ,so forget about the tipping and enjoy the cruise.By the way I usually give the cabin attendant an extra few bob ,enjoy.

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Phillips - Answered a Question by Jones (30 Jul 07 17:41)

What we do is a combination of all fo these answers just to confuse you more. We reduce the amount of tipping so that everyone still gets something and then tip your Cabin Steward and Waiter appropriatel.

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dee - Answered a Question by Jones (31 Jul 07 19:05)

Please do not worry when you board QM 2 go along to pursers desk and have the tips taken off your account you do not have to pay them ,must be done the same day you board then you can tip who you want to happy sailin.

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Williams - Answered a Question by Jones (31 Jul 07 19:38)

Do not worry about tipping aboard the QM2, whatever you do you will be treated professionally I assure you and by the way you are on the best ship there is. My adviuce is definitely do not opt out - those that do are usually trying to reduce the amount they tip - whatever they say!! By not opting out you ensure everyone gets a share of the tips, even if they work on your behalf behine the scenes. Thta tipping is quite enough and you need not feel any qualms at all about tipping anybody individually but if like me you feel that someone has given you excellent service then feel free to give a little extra. My philosophy is that I am so lucky to be able to xcruise when people from the third world often have to go six months away from their family to earn a living on the cruise ships - so why should I be mean and opt out or not be over generous.

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Dixon - Answered a Question by Jones (31 Jul 07 20:55)

From Stan Dixon re tipping. I do not go for the official line about having the amount added to the account as you never know who gets what (if any!) so we always opt to give personal amounts to the cabin lady or gent then to the table waiter and also just the wine waiter - in cash of the day, in envelopes. In cash terms it roughly equates to about 7 to 10% of the cost of the cruise!

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stonelake - Answered a Question by Jones (31 Jul 07 21:54)

When you board the ship,i always ask at the pursers desk not to deduct tips off my bill. i will tip the people myself. then i tip the cabin boy, he always does a great job, then i tip the head waiter and his assistant.what you think.

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