Wilba - Answered a Question by Jukes (14 Aug 08 07:45)

There's no reason why you shouldn't be covered by 'other' insurance, but no, ABTA would not cover you if the company went bust. Like you said, your CC Company would cover you for any loss if things did go wrong. I know the 'What If' brigade will come up with a host of reasons for not doing it, but your the proof of the pudding as to the reality of the cost savings possible. One thing I have found though, the American Agents are finding it difficult to compete with the European/Med cruise prices in the current Dollar/Euro situation & on quotes I have had in the last 12 months it's not worth changing from my regular UK agent/s.

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JUKES - replied to Wilba (17 Aug 08 07:41)

Thanks for your reply Wilba! Is it possible that your prices from your American agents are not the same as what i would use as some of the agents are like in England they stick together to keep the prices from being a auction! I always use companys against each other in the uk and the usa! I must admit the "what if" brigade have not replied to me as i think they know i am wright in what i am saying!Ihave just saved £920.00 on my cruise on the QM2, Prior to this cruise i cruised to the Panama Canal on brilliance of the seas in april this year again i booked this with a american company and saved £245.00 on the best price from all the companys i rang in England and that was including flights. hope i can be of help to you. Regards Ian & Christine Jukes.

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Wilba - replied to JUKES (17 Aug 08 12:21)

Thanks for your response but your already preaching to the converted, as I first used US agents a couple of years ago. I think you will find the last lines of my comment regarding Europe do still stand though. Regards Wilba.

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Richard Okill - Answered a Question by Jukes (14 Aug 08 10:55)

You certainly appear to have negotiated a bargain, but before we all send our business westward, did your price include the return flight and transfers in New York? If they didn't, it would be fairer to include them for illustration purposes. With those savings I guess you could afford to dine in Todd English every night!

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JUKES - replied to Richard Okill (17 Aug 08 07:20)

Hi Ricard, No this price of £400.00 did not cover our flight back from New york as we are staying in new york for 3 days then flying to Tampa for 2 weeks on maderia beach as this is where i am as i reply to you now! As i said the price just for the cruise only from England on the QM2 was £920PP and i paid £400.00 total for me and my wife The money saved paid for our flight from manchester to southampton a night in the hotel and our on board account on the ship. incl the Todd English for! two nights!(only kidding)I can only say you can get fantastic deals overseas!If you would like to know who i have used i dont mind in helping others to try to save a load of money than pay stupid money to travel agents! Thats why i am writting on this web site to help others. Hope this helps you Regards Ian & Christine Jukes.

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Walker - Answered a Question by Jukes (15 Aug 08 00:29)

Out of interest .. I am here in Australia but book my cruise with an agent in the the US every year ... it's cheaper than local prices. I always run a check with my agent but he can not compete. Out interest I also arrange my own air .. even this has been cheaper when I book online direct with the airline. I take out Insurance in Australia with no problem. I always sail out of US or Europe ... if its UK I will give Cruise UK a go as they seem to have lots of good prices. We do not have Air/Cruise from here .. so no idea on that. The currency bit is interesting our $ has just dropped about 10% and its still cheaper. Happt Crusing .

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JUKES - replied to Walker (17 Aug 08 06:56)

Hi MR Walker, Well as i said just make sure your bank covers any payments made by your card that if a cruise company goes bust you are covered for you deposit or if you paid in full! or you are covered by your own insurance company!If i book my own flights then i book a day before the cruise and again i have found good deals! I can usually save enough money to cover my on board ship account,by booking my cruise myself, as my kids say DAD live on the edge, If you need any other info on who i use then send me a reply and i will help you as much as i can. Hope this helps you regards Ian & Christine Jukes.

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Gibson - Answered a Question by Jukes (16 Aug 08 17:15)

I hope you dont mind but you mentioned that folk are covered if anything goes wrong with their holiday if you pay by credit card, I would appriciate if you might help me regarding the best way to pay for my cruise, either debit or credit card? I understand there is an extra cost, 2% I think, if paying with credit card, I am lucky enough to have the ready cash. Can you tell me if you think this is best, I`m honestly stuck. Thanks in anticipation.

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JUKES - replied to Gibson (17 Aug 08 06:36)

Hi Mr Gibson, Well my credit card is with TSB Bank and if i pay for anything with my card and the company go bust ie a cruise company before my cruise then the money paid will be put back into my account by there cover so i dont loose out with my deposit or if the full amount as been paid! you need to check with your bank first to make sure this is ok, If not then ring any well known insurance company ie direct line and ask them for a price to cover you for the cruise you are thinking of booking. The cruise company i used for my cruise from the states was SMART CRUISER .COM They saved me £920.00 total against any company from England i have had a some negative feed back from my note but let me tell you they are the loosers that think there may be a risk! There is no risk only savings for us who live on the edge as my kids say!Hope this will help you on your next cruise and on your savings have a drink on me and Christine Jukes .

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