Buckley - replied to Taylor (07 Jun 08 18:39)

TIPS to insure personal service,Rightly or wrongly tipping on ships is traditional as most cruisers are from the USA around the 12million mark. and tipping is part of there way of doing things ,sadly they pay low wages and tip as a way of saying thank you.whether you pay the tip on top or inclusive you still end up paying it,we get a good level of service on cruise ships and if you want a could not care less service that we normally experience in this country or a first class one on a ship pay the tips?

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Wilba - replied to Buckley (08 Jun 08 10:57)

Your words. Whether we pay the tips on top or inclusive, we still end up paying. I agree but whether you like it or not, many will NOT be paying. If the tip is inclusive ‘Everybody’ pays, hence ALL the staff get rewarded. I have just returned from the RCI Navigator last week (read my review, it says it all). Many of the crowd that boarded on the 2nd cruise were the shorts, flip flop & knapsack brigade with their ‘carry on’ bottles of water. I never saw any of them with a drink in their hand other than their ‘carry on’ & would doubt if their spend on board amounted to anything, so I very much doubt if they prepaid their tips & doubt even more if they filled in their ‘gratuities form’. As for the cranky yankee school of tipping, please leave it where it belongs, 3000 mile away.

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Burrows - replied to Wilba (09 Jun 08 21:30)

The Stewards and waiters are not stupid. I am sure that they will soon learn to recognise this type, and make sure that they receive the service that they deserve! Happy cruising.

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Aldrich - Answered a Question by jones (07 Jun 08 13:55)

You should not cruise as tipping is an intrinsic part of cruising. Do not take your 'one man stand' against tipping policies of the cruise line out on the poor staff that have waited on you hand and foot during your holiday; remember that these staff rely on the tips for their wages that they send home to support their families in Indonesia and India. So it is not only them that suffer because of your pettyness at saving a few £ a day - it will be the whole family unit back in those countries. If you can afford QEII you can afford the tips. Full stop.

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Graham - Answered a Question by jones (07 Jun 08 17:29)

Go somewhere else! I really can't understand people like you - regardless of the wages paid or the part of the world that the staff come from - when you go out for a nice meal at home, or stay at a hotel on holiday don't you leave a tip? Perhaps this is the explanation.

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morris - Answered a Question by jones (07 Jun 08 19:50)

I completely agree with Mr/Mrs Taylor...its about time the cruise lines paid their staff a decent wage out of the millions of pounds/dollars/euros we pay them and then we could reward the staff with an extra amount for personal service if we wish. It is the reason we like thomson cruises so much because tips are included and the staff still bend over backwards to help and just go that extra mile....they also appear alot happier than the staff we have encountered on Costa and Princess cruises.

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North - Answered a Question by jones (07 Jun 08 21:52)

Tipping is a jokein my opinion and should be stopped - compulsory tips are not a tip but just a fee. Does the chap who works in the basement get a tip or do those who think tipping is great think he is highly paid. Without that chap your toilet may not flush but does he get a tip ? I think on QE2 you have to pay this fee / tip - on Island and Thomson you do not. I agree some of the wages may be poor and the service excellent despite of this. There is a case that says if you can afford to go on the QE2 then the basic price should be a little more and all the low paid staff paid a little more accordingly.I agree with Mr/Mrs Morris about Thomson - yes the ships are not as luxurious but the staff without tips are superb.

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Burrows - Answered a Question by jones (07 Jun 08 23:00)

I hope that you have the guts to tell your cabin steward and table waiters that you do not wish to tip them as soon as you board the ship? I'm sure that you will get the service that you deserve! I hardly ever see a bad comment about a waiter or cabin steward, and tips are mainly the reason why. If they do a good job, then they get a good tip (except from you of course). Perhaps you think the good, the bad and the mediocre should all receive the same reward, as in most jobs in Britain today? Do any of you know how much ANY of the staff get paid on a cruise ship, whether they work in the public eye or not? I doubt it very much. If you don't want to tip, then my advice would be to stick to Thomson and stear clear of the QE2!

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Wilba - Answered a Question by jones (08 Jun 08 00:00)

As much as I disagree with the original poster , I firmly agree with those who would like to see an end to tipping, in particular the manner in which it’s administered. Before you get the wrong idea, yes I do tip……….This is my take on the Pre Paid Grats & Autotip, as I see it…… An Executive had an idea!! I know lets bring in a system whereby everybody pays. We’ll tell the punters how little we pay the staff. We’ll give them a guilt complex by telling them they will penalise other staff members if they don’t pay up. Make them feel ashamed of ‘even considering’ removing the charge. This will work, as there is a whole Nation across the Atlantic who consider tipping to be a National Sport. They will love it as they can then brag about how much ‘extra’ they tip on top. That, people, is my cynical view on this matter….! Yes Britain may have introduced tipping to the world, but along with pressgangs & the slave trade, tipping is no longer part of our culture. Tipping has all but died out in the U.K. Ask a cabbie what percentage of his fare is the ‘tip’ compared to twenty years ago. I’d like to bet that percentage has gone down considerably. Do you really think our present & future U.K. generations are going to be ‘tippers’, I doubt it very much, but the cruise companies will still want their business, so it’s up to them to change the system, & not for us to encourage it. Although I’ve not cruised with Thomson, they have done the right thing by building tips into the price & done away with all this prattle. I know we could all rant on about this forever & non will of us come out winners but continuing to support a Non British system will not change things for anyone.

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Matt - Answered a Question by jones (08 Jun 08 02:35)

I've said this before and I'll say it again, as long as cruisers tip the staff to subsidise wages the cruise lines will not increase wages and are laughing all the way to the bank!

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