oconnell - Answered a Question by bulbulia (22 Dec 07 18:25)

I and my wife are both disabled and have all ways wanted to do a exotic cruise, Such has Barbados, I have all ways wanted to see Pearl Harbour, We are pensioners and wanted to go a round March 2008, Never cruised before not knowing who would be best to book with, The costs, Dress ware needed every thing we need to know hope you can answer this formidable task, Thank you Mrs,J.OConnel.

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Aldrich - Answered a Question by bulbulia (19 Dec 07 09:45)

That is Cunard for you. Seperate restaurants depending on the class of cabin you have booked. This does not mean that the cheapest cabins are eating in some sort of school dining room environment but naturally the selection and quality is not as good as that of the Queens Gril.

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Williams - Answered a Question by bulbulia (19 Dec 07 12:25)

Cunard give one a choice of paying more for more amenities.What is wrong with that? You have the same choice on most airlines - unless you travel exclusively on charter or budget lines - and you have the same choice if you travel by rail of going first or second class. The interesting thing is why you have a potential issue with this choice and why you think it might be "stuck up". In my terms it is good that we do have a choice of the type of cruise line on offer and subject to affordability (which most us are faced with),the level of facilities that make our holiday special.My wife and I prefer one week in grill level on Cunard than two weeks on P&0 or RCC but many people would differ and that is fine as it is their choice. If we had a young family we would make the opposite choice. Now we prefer watching a play produced by RADA to say a variety show, we prefer a string quartet to karoake, attending a lecture to sunbathing and eating in a restaurant seating 150, where you get very personal service to eating in a restaurant catering for 3000 guests, where the food is good but inevitably mass produced. Is that wrong or in your terms is that being `stuck up`. If so then I am guilty but I prefer to think it is being honest in what one likes and not being critical of what other people like as part of their holiday. So my advice is if you have a hang-up about people paying more for more amenities and think the type of things I have mentioned are `stuck-up` keep to your present choice of cruise lines, stop worrying about what other people are spending their money on and most of all,continue to enjoy what YOU like.

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Setter - Answered a Question by bulbulia (19 Dec 07 16:16)

Hurrah, Mr Williams, "way to go"!!!!As a devoted Queens Grill passenger I am with you all the way!!!We "dig deep" into our resources to have a couple of weeks in Queens Grill each year and love every moment. Frankly, I cant wait to sail on Queen Victoria where we will have even more Grill class facilities and space.Like you, I am quite prepared to be regarded as "stuck up"...we have worked hard for what we now have and why not spend on some extra luxury!!

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Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by bulbulia (19 Dec 07 22:15)

Hi Tracy, I think that some of what has been said is a little bit precious. There is some truth in what is being said however but in the main it is simply that the restaurants are of differing standards and the more you pay the better the food, service and the attention although it is said that Caronia guests have the same menu as the grills you certainly would see the difference when it is served. There is a bar area which is for Grill passengers only but there are plenty of others and unless someone makes a point of telling you one would never know which cabin people have and those that make a point of it you can avoid. We have been on QE2 ten times and have enjoyed every one and been ashore with folks from all the decks (even Coronation Street as one now defunct section used to be called) and I won't tell you which restaurant we used. Just don't worry about it because on board you won't notice....regards....Id.

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Williams - Answered a Question by bulbulia (20 Dec 07 12:23)

To Tracy : After Mr Setter and I were called `precious` by Ida Down, I think it only appropriate to re-iterate the advice I gave. In a nutshell it was that if you were genuinely uncomfortable with the concept of people paying more for extra amenities you should question whether it was the ship for you. In other words why spend a lot of money to be unhappy and that is why I suggested you examined your feelings. Many of us as Mr Setter said are not overly rich but have worked hard and made compromises to do the luxury things we like. The concept of Cunard grill level is only akin to going on a train where there are first and second class compartments. There is in my view no issue provided that on one hand there is no resentment and on the other hand no superiority or condescention of the type displayed so well by Ida Down in her reply. Just think if you did go you might have the added bonus of going ashore in her company as she makes it clear she is quite prepared to do so, even with people from the Coronation Street section. One couldn't wish for more than having such a magnanimous gesture bestowed on one ... it must be rather like meeting the captain or even royalty. Do you think Ida Down is a nom de plume for .... you know who.

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Setter - Answered a Question by bulbulia (20 Dec 07 18:51)

Thank you, Mr. Williams, had you not done so I would have felt compelled to respond in similar vein!(By the way, just to put the record straight, I'm Mrs. Setter-----Mr S is out earning the money to pay for our grill class "jaunts" while I am now retired and have time to spend on the computer during the day!)Cynthia Setter.

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Neil and Ida Down - Answered a Question by bulbulia (21 Dec 07 11:46)

The strange things is that I was, and still do, compliment Mr. ? Williams on the reply to a later question on “Victoria” as it was well stated. I did say that a lot of what was being said was true but the main reason I wrote in the manner I did was that I did not want to put Tracy off sailing on what is a beautiful ship. There are so many people who sail on Cunard ships and so many who enjoy the experience without needing to be in the “Grills” so don’t try to say that they won’t or that they should rethink whether they should sail with Cunard. Let them try it and enjoy it as I am sure they will. I don’t believe that is condescending but the fact that you have taken umbrage does sort of prove my point that there is a little “preciousness” in the air! Oh, and by the way, if you have followed our answers in the past you will know that we enjoy being controversial, so well done to you both for the follow up…..kindest regards……Id.

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kerswell - Answered a Question by bulbulia (21 Dec 07 20:53)

Having eaten in the Princess Grill and Brittania Grill on QM2 i have to say there is NO difference in the quality of the food in either grill...the only difference is that there are usually more selections in the Princess which is natural for the vast difference in cabin cos.

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Donald - Answered a Question by bulbulia (21 Dec 07 21:02)

Our last cruise on the QM2 was for twelve days and in that time we were joined three times in the Britannia dining room by a couple who were entitled to eat in the "Grills". What a lot of hot air is generated by passengers who eat in the Grills. May I suggest a compromise - why not avoid paying for Grill accommodation and book a balcony cabin and eat for a few nights (or more) in Todd's English restaurant where the food simply cannot be bettered anywhere. . . and you'll still save money.

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