BLYTH - Answered a Question by Hindry (09 Feb 09 10:30)

You could call the number above or have a look at

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DeMere - Answered a Question by Hindry (10 Feb 09 00:45)

You can look at this I really reccomend it. I have jused it for many years and they have booked around 17 cruises for me and my husband. I have also cruised alone and then they call the company and ask for special price for a single. The price you get in the search engine for single dont need to be the real one. Then there is a form to fill and you ask for the Prize. 2 years ago I went on a 7 days cruise alone and I paied only for 1 person and not any extra. I know that celebrity century have very good cruises in the med. this summer with very good prizes on single . Good Luck. Caroline.

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Hindry - replied to DeMere (10 Feb 09 21:05)

Thank you Caroline for responding. I was surprised. I thought I was asking a question to the Company. No response from them. Your reply does give me hope though. Many thanks John.

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