Wilba - Answered a Question by Falconer (24 Jun 08 08:02)

Why not read the cruise reviews for Costa on this site? Just be aware, their newer ships are Carnival clones/copies & some of their older ships are 'converted container ships'!! Buyer beware!

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Burrows - Answered a Question by Falconer (24 Jun 08 10:28)

YES! This is an ITALIAN cruise line just the same as MSC. Would you prefer it if all announcements were just in Italian, or are you expecting that it is only the English that should be catered for at the expense of all other nationalities? There are plenty of British/American lines to choose from if it bothers you that much. Cruise lines have to cater to as wide a range of people as possible in order to stay profitable. You only need to please yourself, so choose carefully. Don't be lured into choosing a cruise for its itinerary and then finding that you dislike every aspect of the ship that you are travelling on, as many have done in the past! Happy cruising.

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morris - Answered a Question by Falconer (24 Jun 08 18:55)

Costa is advertised as an Italian cruise line but is in fact 80 per cent owned by Carnival....we heard from fellow passengers on our recent Costa Cruise that it was not as good as MSC..the announcements are done in several languages and the 'entertainment' was mainly acrobat/dance/mime type of thing. Very disappointing in our opinion as was the food (no nice ice cream and awful pizzas!) But of course everyone likes different things from their cruises!

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Mansion before our Wedding.

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I got married recently and if you read my previous blog youll see it was in Florida. I wanted to share some photos of the villa we stayed in. It was more of a mansion to be fair. Twelve bedrooms and 15 bathrooms it was well equipped to look after the 20 of us who stayed there.To start the holiday off we flew business class with Virgin Atlantic. I know 20 people in one place sounds like a lot but the size of this place was enough to provide everyone with their own space and you never felt like...

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