Aldrich - Answered a Question by Thompson (17 Jun 08 19:35)

From Celebrity website: Friends or family can reach you 24 hours a day via Celebrity's Satellite Service. Before you depart for your cruise, leave the following number with anyone wanting to reach you: 001-877-266-1020. Can't you just call their mobile instead???

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Burrows - Answered a Question by Thompson (17 Jun 08 20:54)

Phoning passengers via Satellite on a cruise ship can be an expensive business. It cost my girlfriend about £60.00 when she phoned me in my cabin a couple of years ago! I don't know what was the biggest shock, getting the call or finding out how much it cost! Please, before you phone the ship, phone Celebrity and ask them exactly how much a minute the call will cost.I think the cost has come down quite a bit in recent years and I believe P&O charge around £3.00 a minute now. Although it is too late for this time, in future try sending a card to the companies port agent in the destination prior to their special day. The card will be delivered to their cabin once the ship gets to that port, and you could also include a complementy bottle of wine pre-ordered by you in with that? Good Luck.

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Friends of Dorothy!

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So I recently confirmed a Royal Caribbean cruise for a customer and his Husband. They are relatively new to the cruise market (excuse the pun) and as you can imagine he had plenty of general questions about the cruise such as activities and entertainment.In recent years the habit of using the friend of label has been increased to also include: Friends of Dorothy (FOD). With most cruise lines now catering for the LGBT market including a LGBT Community Mixer at the Champagne Bar on the Indepen...

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Just back from my wonderful ‘home’ Mallorca even though I am not from Mallorca (not with a surname like mine anyway!) I always feel like I am just going home, had such a great time catching up with friends. The weather was great it was about 24 degrees every day which is perfect for walking about and sunbathing in too.We hired a car for the first few days as the other half doesn’t like transfers to the hotel from the airport he can’t stand being on the bus dropping eve...

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Heading to the Caribbean?

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With major hurricanes bartering through the United Stated and the Caribbean over the last couple of months I have received a huge amount of calls from obviously concerned passengers as to whether their cruise will still be happening, and if so will the itinerary still be the same.Having worked in the Caribbean for a couple of years with Thomson I have been in the middle of a couple of Hurricanes and dealt with the aftermath too from evacuating Islands, to holding the fort in hurricane shelter...

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