Aldrich - Answered a Question by alexander (09 Jan 08 15:29)

Here is the breakdown as per Celebrity site so this is exactly who your money goes to: Waiter: $3.50 p/day Assistant Waiter: $2.00 p/day Assistant Maitre'd: $0.75 p/day Stateroom Service: $3.50 p/day Assistant Chief Housekeeper: .75 p/day .

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Ida and Neil Down - Answered a Question by alexander (09 Jan 08 15:35)

Someone is giving you wrong information. Just because you pay up front does not mean it is shared out to all in sundry. At the end of the cruise you will be given some slips, by placing these slips in the appropriately addressed envelopes and giving them to the correct people you will ensure that they are correctly recompensed. These slips are the equivilent of vouchers to them and they hand them in and the subsequent amounts which are recommended by the cruise line, and in the brochure, are giving to them. It is the same as giving them the same recommended amounts in money. So stop worrying about it, the money you pay will go to the right staff members because you will in effect give it to them ....Nei.

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It Is an going problem, hygiene on board! And something I hate people not washing hands, on a ship this can cause huge problems, having recently come back from a Celebrity Cruise, I loved the fact they have staff working to make sure you do the basic things! In this day and age it is a sad problem for basic hygiene!It is not something you like to talk about, but were a bunch of germ-laden conveyors of infectious diseases. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know the s those people you see tr...

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I have just returned from a 4 night cruise with MSC – my daughter loves cruising, my husband loves Italy and I like Prosecco so we thought this cruise would be idealI haven’t cruised really since my daughter was born 4 years ago except for a short cruise with Celebrity last year and this was my 1st cruise with MSC so I felt a bit like a cruise virgin newbieThis just goes to show how even the ‘experts’ can get it wrong!We stayed overnight at a hotel at Stansted and miss...

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