Mooris - Answered a Question by eidson (02 Feb 09 08:26)

Don't stay at the Bestwestern South Beach!

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BLYTH - Answered a Question by eidson (02 Feb 09 08:57)

When we book with Celebrity we stay at the Sheraton, Fort Lauderdale, nice hotel not really near anything much but just a bed for the night then onto the cruise ship in the morning. If my memory serves me right about 20 mins away from the cruise terminal.

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morton - replied to BLYTH (02 Feb 09 18:14)

Sheraton Yankee Clipper is still there but the more central Sheraton re opens as a Westin in March or do you mean the airport Sheraton? We haddinner at Shulas, new Westin, last November and it all looks great. Due to plummeting pound, will probably stay there rather than the Atlantic next time. F.L is a very good place to spend a few days.

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Blyth - replied to morton (03 Feb 09 09:29)

The hotel we like is the Embassy Suites 1100 SE 17th Street it was part of the Sheraton chain, but it is not far from a funfair located about 2 miles away not sure which direction.

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morton - replied to Blyth (03 Feb 09 19:07)

Ah, Embassy suites are part of the Hilton chain not Starwood[Sheraton is part of Starwood]. I hear they[Embassy Suites] are a good stopover.

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Blyth - replied to morton (04 Feb 09 08:45)

Hi Mrs Morton, I think at one time there must have been a link as we have a teddy bear called Sheraton and it was bought there, but a few years ago now. We like the hotel but not a lot within easy reach but we normally don't get there until around 8 p.m. and leave the following morning to join the Solstice this year for a back to back cruise.

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Morton - replied to Blyth (05 Feb 09 21:30)

Doesn't it just annoy you to have to pay full days wack for what amounts to little over 12hrs stay! I must admit, that is why we stay a day or two these days rather than a quick stopover. It's all in the mind, I know but you feel as if you are getting a better return on your dollar if you have a bit longer in the hotel. Nuts or what!

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Blyth - replied to Morton (06 Feb 09 08:57)

When we do long haul flights we like to relax have a drink and chat to the others in the hotel most of whom are going to be joining their ship the following day then a leisurely breakfast and a few hours later off to join the ship. I never look at the hotel cost I just get to roll out the total cost and if happy with that then we book it, but as you say everyone to their own ideas that is what you see related in the questions/ansers you get on this site, I must admit I am not happy with the american system of doing this although I have joined a few as the information is often useful. If feel fedup have a look at my cruise site and you will see we join Celebrity Solstice in a few weeks time and Century later in the year... Bill.

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Morton - replied to Blyth (06 Feb 09 10:28)

Bill, we usually book cruise only and sort the hotels and flights ourselves. I notice you say you book a total trip. Have you ever costed a trip as a package and then as an independent traveller to see what the difference is? We have only booked flights and cruise as a package once when we were cruising one way to an out of the way port. We book business flights either with Virginand partners or with a consolidator and then the cruise with the cruise line itself. Obviously you are a most seasoned cruiser so I would be interested in your research.

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Blyth - replied to Morton (07 Feb 09 09:41)

No you are right it is cheaper to do your own thing but my wife had a stroke away back in 1994 and gets very uptight about things going wrong so we stick with the package and albeit a bit more she knows one way or another we will get there and back. We have had a number of times when things have gone wrong 2004 our 25th wedding anniversary two bad hurricanes blew away or two week trip in the Caribbean. We only got as far as Heathrow overnight and in the morning the bad news was coming in thick and fast, we were among hundreds stranded in London some cruise companies insisted they had to get flights to New York and then trains down to Florida, well with one bad hurricane already in place and another on its way that was madness. We were with RCI and there decision was fly back to Edinburgh on the return ticket we should be using in two and a bit weeks time, no problems with BA and we got a full refund and had two cruises in 2005 to make up for it. Then 2007 January 17th Heathrow was closed due to the emergency landing and we couldn't get from Edinburgh to Heathrow but Celebrity and BA had us go Franhfurt then onto Singapore where we picked up the flight we were meant to get into Sydney. On the previous years Caribbean cruise we left Puerto Rico at 30 degrees and landed in a snowstorm at Boston where the temp was then -18 the fire crews where trying to get the luggage conveyors going but they were coated with 2/3" of solid ice. The airport was closed no way to get a flight home so we went immediately to the ticket desk and secured a flight but not until Monday and this was Friday. So we had to find a hotel which we got then get a mad taxi driver to take us to it, cost $100 but worth every dollar. I will not depress you further I think this year between the Caribbean in April and the Med in September we will have notched up 19/20 cruises and 12 of these with RCI/Celebrity. I hope I don't put you of doing your own arrangements, but for the time being we don't mind the extra £300 or thereabouts, in relation to the total cost of the cruise, it is not the end of the world. If you want to see pics of Boston 2007 have a look at our cruise website best wishes, Bill .

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