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Buckley - Answered a Question by marshall (06 Oct 08 12:57)

Hi just got our tickets for Oceana and it is 4 formal nights and the rest casual we are with Thomas cook and the allowance is 23k per person and 5k hand luggage each. As for the age range i would think your at the lower end but who knows we have met some young at heart oldies and some right young miseries, When you get your tickets about a month before you depart it will have all the info you need ,P&O normally let you stay on board until the shuttle is ready to take you to the airport normally PM so keep at least one bit of hand luggage with you for any changes of clothing you may need.

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Marshall - replied to Buckley (06 Oct 08 20:20)

Thanks very much for the reply.

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Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by marshall (05 Oct 08 21:38)

I would imagine your fellow passengers will be of a similar age and older simply because most younger people are working, hotel and tourist people might well be with you though and they could be of various ages but P&O do attract the older person. They are, P&O that is, fairly traditional as are their passengers and dressing for dinner, in the main, is the thing to do. If you mean by "What do we do about luggage?" how much cabin space is there and where do the cases go, well there is generally good wardrobe and drawer space and the cases go under the beds. If you mean what do we pack well this is a practiced art. On a 14 nighter you will have three or even four formal nights, easy for him and if you don't have too many dress shirts send them to the laundry, but for you I would suggest that a full length dress, two sparkly tops which can be worn with suit trousers and two different skirts, the skirts can also go with two, three or four other less dressy tops as can slacks. Mixing and matching is one way to keep the amount down, everybody will think it's a different outfit each time then. Day time clothes do depend on where you are going but trainers are often useful so always buy the lightest ones you can. Wear your heaviest shoes on the plane and carry a raincoat or anorak if you intend to take one. We have lists for different regions and we always hang clothes and items that we intend to take on racks before we go. The lists include everything we are likely to need from tickets to medicines that way there is little chance of leaving something essential behind. Before we go we always weigh, on the bathroom scales or spring scales the luggage to make sure that it is within weight because at this stage we still have time to subtract or add. If we are going with a more generous schedule airline then we try to leave all of my clothes on wire coat hangers because it makes unpacking and repacking so much quicker. Take onto the plane two full carry-on bag that are within the size but put jewellery, medicines and heavy things in them like shoes, they often check to see that they are the right size but seldom if ever check the weight. That should be enough for you to go with. Happy days, Ida .

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Marshall - replied to Neil & Ida Down (05 Oct 08 23:01)

Thank you very much for this comprehensive answer - we will try to follow your tips/advice!

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