Gibson - Answered a Question by Gardner (13 Apr 08 14:34)

I dont know about tips, could give loads of them really depends what you want to know. What I can say for certain is the Constellation is a beautiful ship worthy indeed of it`s 5 stars, we went on her around the Med it was a dream. Beleive me you are choosing well, however you did`nt say what grade of stateroom you have booked? hope it is a balcony well worth the extra cost. You will have a wonderful time and your husband will wish he had relented long ago. ENJOY.

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Gardner - Answered a Question by Gardner (14 Apr 08 23:57)

Thank you so much for your response. We have booked a balcony cabin and a 'concierge'??? Not quite sure what that means but the salesman was an absolute sweetie & wonderfully persuasive! I am not sure what to expect, how much do we need to allow for extras, what should one pack,is it essential to go on all the excursions to get the most out of the trip? What does one do if seated with the dullest of cruisers at dinner? Can seating arrangements be changed... Oh gosh, I could go on forever! Thank you in advance for any more advice.

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Williams - Answered a Question by Gardner (15 Apr 08 17:56)

You have booked an excellent cruise line and concierge class is well worth the extra for the pampering extras you get - after all it's a holiday to be enjoyed. As for how to play dinner, decide in advance whether you want a table for two or prefer to mix in with a larger but unknown group. Being Concierge level you will be able to choose and if you go for the larger group and can't stand the company have a word with the maitre d' and have no compunction in moving - he will arrange this and it is your holiday!!As far as packing you can take a great many clothes on a cruise(unlike a plane) and need to think about clothes for the daytime in a fairly similar climate to ours in August plus clothes for three formal nights and several smart casual dinners- the former means DJ/long, the later on Celebrity means shirt tie/dress. This is all part of the cruise experience and I always despair when I see people moaning about having to dress approproately for dinner.I just love having a G&T in the bar followed by dinner and then either a show or an early night if getting up for a trip the next day -you will soon get into the swing that suits you. Finally as to excursions, Celebrity send you a detailed pack about a month before of what they have available and there are details on their web site.You can book in advance or whilst on the ship. There is no doubt that the excursions are very enjoyable but they can be expensive and an alternative particularly in Oslo, Copenhagen,Stockholm, Talinn and Warnemunde is to either walk around the towns from the ship or to take the shuttle bus from the ship into the towns. In St Petersburg definitely take a trip either wih Celebrity or via a local company like Red October. My advice if you are able to is to take the Celebrity tours that you most fancy and upto the budget you allow - the great advantage is convenience - you get on a coach next to the ship, have an english speaking guide and they will take you to interesting places and tell you about them - this tends to bring them alive and the whole thing is a bit less tiring for us pensioners. Above all have a great time as you are doing all the right things with your choice and your questions.

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