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Rae - Answered a Question by Chris (18 Mar 12 21:56)

We toured as a group of just four with SPB Tours. It cost more, I think it was about $375 each, but was well worth it. Will they not do this for you?

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Chris - replied to Rae (18 Mar 12 23:02)

Hi Rae, yes SPB as well as Alla have offered graduated fees for 2 to 6 people, then the std price for 8+ What ship were you on, & did they not offer to add you to a tour group? Just wondering if folk on other ships have the same problem ????? ........ Chris.

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Rae - replied to Chris (19 Mar 12 10:08)

We were on Disney Magic. Yes, they offered to combine us with others from the same ship, but we declined as we preferred to have our own individual itinerary, which differed from their standard one. (We went to the outdoor railway museum, which is amazing!) As Hale above has described, it may be worth paying more to get just your small group of four. You won't have to suit other people so much, but can stop for a drink or loo whenever you want.

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Hale - Answered a Question by Chris (19 Mar 12 07:21)

We went on Aurora to St P August 2010. We were a family with 2 boys ages 6 and 9. We tried all means to get a group together through SPB and cruise critic etc but being honest about our party despite the fact that our sons are very well behaved, cruise and tour savvy we got no take up! In the end SPB made a group for us on what I believe was their all in tour (Baltic Pearl?). This was advertised as a fairly high intensive tour, a full 2 days. We were grouped with another family of 3 with a 15 year old girl from Aurora and then Americans and Canadians from Star Princess moored next door. The party were delightful, the guide excellent and the other memebers had seen our adverts and commented that our children were exactly as billed (ie they could cope and were very well behaved). However 2 of the couples were not able to keep up. 2 of the gentlemen were so disabled ( by maturity) that they were unable to walk more than a few yards without stopping for breath and so on arrival at each place we had to leave them in the lobby or make provision for them and our activities were curtailed. Day 2 one of them had the sense to stay on board but the other held us back again. We do feel that we were somewhat let down as these people are clearly told about the intensity of the tour and these gentlemen were far into their 80's (with far younger wives acting as nurses), Passports are supplied in advance so questions should have been asked by SPB. I would recommend them, it cost us 1,000 US dollars for our family including tips but next time I would definately find out about the other people on the tour - we could have done so much more and this was the only time we planned to take our family to St P.

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Davies - Answered a Question by Chris (25 Apr 12 19:02)

Hi Chris, just read your note. We are on the same trip and also looking for the 2-day tour (apparently live just down the road from you too!!) There are two of us. Definately want to do this trip. Need to arrange asap. They have already quoted us $300 - haven't booked yet so happy to do with you. Linn.

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