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Cruise Answers - Question: Can anyone please tell me about wine pac... by fitzgerald, wirral


Can anyone please tell me about wine package with holland america that can be booked pre cruise ?also what beer is available thanks.
Submitted by - , Wirral - United Kingdom / Subject - Holland America Line caribbean Drink Packages
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Answer by , london (30 Nov 09 20:37) to a QUESTION by fitzgerald (22 Oct 08 18:14)
How much for a beer card on hal cruises.
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Question by , london (30 Nov 09 21:47) about an ANSWER by Beach (30 Nov 09 20:37)
I cant seem to find information on HAL beverage cards How much for a wine card and a beer card?
30 Nov 09 21:47 -
Answer by , Melbourne (22 Dec 08 13:22) to a QUESTION by fitzgerald (22 Oct 08 18:14)
Hello, My wife and I are going on a cruise in Feb from New Zealand to Sydney and wanted to check if MS Volendam from HAL allowes you to take on champagne & wine, also it was menthioned that you take the wine to the restaurant, do you have a fridge in your stateroom to keep the wine cool? Also is it normal for guests to bring their own wine are is it frawned upon? Another question - it menthions that 2 nights are formal, we like to get dressed for dinner, however is the ship strict with guests who do not comply? Gerard in Melbourne Australia .
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Answer by , wittering (30 Oct 08 10:33) to a QUESTION by fitzgerald (22 Oct 08 18:14)
You can buy wine packages of 3,5 & 7 bottles Naviagtor and Admiral, Admiral being slightly better quality you choose what wine you want each night, or you can buy a wine card, 10 or 20 glasses. And one of the brilliant things on HAL which we do, is buy your own wine (you can take as many bottles on board as you wish) take it to the dining room and you get charged $15 corkage. We just stop buy a supermarket before we board. All of the packages can be pre booked online, and there will be a card waiting for you in your cabin when you board. We usually do a mix of the packages depending how long we are cruising. I am sure some the people we were seated with thought we had a drink problem as we had a bottle every night, some of the Americans make a bottle of wine last 2 or 3!!!! nights. have a good trip.
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Question by , Stoke-on Trent (13 Nov 08 12:29) about an ANSWER by coulson-drain (30 Oct 08 10:33)
Are you able to buy the wine card on board?
13 Nov 08 12:29 -
Answer by , wittering (14 Nov 08 07:17) to a QUESTION by Hadgett (13 Nov 08 12:29)
Yes you can buy wine cards and the wine packages on board, when you board it is usually a couple of hours before you can get into your cabin, there will be drinks waiters circulating offering wine packages and wine cards, or you can wait until you get into the dining room and ask your wine waiter at the table to sort it out for you, if you buy the cards or the packages on board the cost will be added to your room account. We are sailing 10 days in Jan, we have prebought a 5 bottle Navigator and will take a couple of bottles on board with us. for the nights that we choose to dine in the Lido or the Pinnacle grill - it makes it easier, you can use the wine packages in any of the retaurants, but it is easier to keep it to one restaurant. The wine cards you carry with you and they punch a hole in it every time you have a glass - you can share the wine cards.
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