Wilba - Answered a Question by WEBB (19 Sep 08 07:00)

If your concern is about DJ/Tuxedo, then a Suit is more than adequate for the Formal Nights on MSC. Personally I always take/wear a Tux on those occasions but I fall into the less & less category as each year passes. On Smart Casual evenings wear what you would if you were going out to a restaurant at home. Hope this helps.Regards.

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Walker - Answered a Question by WEBB (19 Sep 08 12:46)

You will get the guide to what to take before your cruise, but to be honest - do what you are comfortable with. we were on the QE2 and formal dress was the norm (with tux for the gentlemen) and you would be turned away for anything less, well it was a disgrace because some of the 'formals' were no better than rags and I accept I can be a bit of a snob but to see some of the men with button cuffs on their shirts with a DJ was just too much - showed people were not comfy and didn't know the guidelines or etiquette,yet the wearers were swanning about like lord and lady muck. never again. MSC do not force formal to that extent, so as the other response says, just take a suit and a couple of ties - it's your holiday so be comfy .

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WEBB - Answered a Question by WEBB (20 Sep 08 19:50)

Thank you for both comments and duly noted but I am still perplexed by the issue regarding gratuities on then intended cruise ship MSC LIRICA we are worried that the intended hard working crew-person would not get our tip if he or she deserves them.Can one tip to an individual crew person? or does it go into a "pot" for a "share out",and is one compelled to tip?-regards D.Webb.

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Wilba - replied to WEBB (22 Sep 08 08:57)

Tips are added to your onboard account at 6 Euros per day per person. (It was 6 at Christmas) This can be removed by asking for a form at the desk (no hassle) & tip in cash to who you see fit. The only Cruise Line I'm aware of who use the 'pot' system is Princess, so no to that question. Hope that clears it for you.

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