hodder - Answered a Question by Robinson (24 Sep 09 22:23)

Are jeans acceptable for day wear with a smart top.

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BLYTH - Answered a Question by Robinson (09 Feb 09 15:41)

If you look on your ship as a floating hotel then what would you take then with the exception of nice evening wear/dinner jackets/nice suits to wear on the formal nights.

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middleton - Answered a Question by Robinson (09 Feb 09 17:30)

Have you told Cunard that it is a silver anniversary cruise, if not do so as they have a anniversary package.

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DeMere - Answered a Question by Robinson (10 Feb 09 00:39)

Good Shoes!! suit and tie for men and coctail/evening dress for formal nights. A warm jacket for cold days on the sea. But really good shoes!!! A good advice when you start to pack if you think you perhaps will wear it then dont take it. Clothes that you are sure you will wear take with you. If you think ohh perhaps I shall have with me this jacket then dont take it with you. Enjoy your crossing and happy Silver wedding as we say in norway. Caroline.

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FLETCHER - Answered a Question by Robinson (11 Feb 09 22:10)

We've only been on the more casual style of cruises but I always find M & S dressy outfits great for the evening. Most of the time a suit and tie for men or just a smart pair of casual trousers and a good shirt and tie. Take nice costume jewellery (M & S) fine. Don't have lots of real gold jewellery because of the risk of getting mugged in port or it being nicked from your case. Most important is a smart cardigan or posh shawl. wide scarf etc type item for if the air conditioning blows really chilly for a bit. One night my husband went and got his coat cos he was that cold at dinner. I saw someone wearing a black and white version of my sundess for evening wear. With some jewellery and a nice little evening bag it looked great. You dont have to spend the earth to dress up. Daytime - you have to put something over swimsuits to go into the ship areas and cafe etc. For ladies a sarong, sundress, etc. is fine or pull on shorts and t shirt. Often there is a little line in the shower to drip dry clothes on. Extra tip - when going ashore see if you can team up with other passengers to share a taxi for an informal tour of the place - its far cheaper and you can skip bits like being taken to a carpet factory etc to try to flog you a carpet which get included in ships tours. Have Fun. PAT .

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sowerby - Answered a Question by Robinson (11 Feb 09 23:11)

On QM2 you will have 3 Formal nights, 1 casual and 2 smart casual nights, on the transatlantic. they really expect gentlemen to wear a dinner suit for formal nights I can't lie! but I suppose a dark neat suit would be ok. ladies are expected to wear either long evening dresses or trouser suits, cocktail wear is the order of the day, otherwise you may feel quite out of things. the ship is indeed wonderful as you would expect and you will have a really good time, only thing is, nothing else will really be the same if you travel cruise again!!! You need a light wrap for evenings on deck, if weather permits but you do not say when you are going so this will determine the type of clothing. On the smart nights gentlemen are expected to wear a jacket and shirt and tie, casual, well trousers and open neck shirt or polo type. the ladies, well most ladies tend to dress well, again a trouser suit or with top or summer dress the same for casual.We went in June and the weather was very knid we were able to lie on the loungers on the back deck and did get a nice tan. Tell them it's your anniversary and they will do everything to make it special. don't forget to go to the planetarium shows, that is fantastic not on any other ship don't miss that experience. you'll have agreat time, enjoy, you are going with one of the best.

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gunn - Answered a Question by Robinson (12 Feb 09 19:11)

What a treat awaits you, she is a lovely ship, refined, not glitsy, but ideal ship for the transatlantic crossing, and I am sure you will enjoy your cruise. She rides the waves so well, and as long as you take precautions as regards sea sickness worries, you will have no problems. If you want a bit more advice on sea sickness and how to avoid it, I found a very useful blog page on the subject at http://abetter guide to cruising.blogspot.com During the day time, everyone just relaxes, and the dress code is easy, although most passengers will still look presentable, but you will not find it very warm while at sea as the ship fairly cuts through the water, so there will always be a strong breeze, so make sure you have warm clothes ready if you want to enjoy the outdoors, although inside, the ship is comfortable. As you get near the Caribbean, it warms up a bit, and you might have a day or two comfortable enough to venture outside, but be prepared to spend most of the cruise indoors, but there is so much to do if you want to, although a good book and a comfortable chair will be most enjoyable, perhaps needed after the amount of food you are about to tuck away, its no good going on this cruise thinking you'll watch how much you are going to eat, the food is so beautifully presented, and so much choice, your determination to eat little will end on day two, so get stuck in, enjoy the food, and sleep it off while pretending to be reading your book. The evenings however are completely different, and everyone dresses up, especially on formal nights, and we had two on our last crossing with Queen Mary, but you do not have to worry about not having a formal suit for the gentleman, a decent dark suit with a black bow tie will fit in so well, and if you have'nt a dark suit, any suit will be fine with a tie, or perhaps a bow tie, the main thing is just to be tidy and blend in. If you really fancy a formal suit, then think about hiring one, I'll give you the phone number of a company in Southampton that hires the suits and delivers it to the ship. phone Floating Formals on 0208 518 4171. One of the theme evening dress codes we enjoyed was the Ascot parade, and again most of the passengers dressed for the occasion, really nice, sometimes flowery dresses for the ladies, and sports jackets or suit for the men, and they held a hat competition for the ladies, which quite a few managed to bring hats on board, or made them in the craft days they held at sea, give it a go, its a good night to enjoy. The other nights were also an occasion to dress up, although its not as formal, but you will find it is a treat to be able to dress up and enjoy every night on board. By the way, as a bit of advice for you as regards the theatre, get in as early as you can, the shows are excellent, but its a badly designed sitting area, far to many posts hiding your view, or if you find a spot without a post in front of you, you are more than likely having to sit at an angle which can be hard on the back, so get in early and find a comfotable seat. When you arrive in New York, it is very, very early in the morning, and most wanted to be on deck as your cruised up the Hudson, but it can be cold at that time of the morning, so be prepared, although of course you can enjoy sitting indoors as you cruise in, then you will be comfortable, but to enjoy the atmosphere of your arrival in New York, get out there on deck, but dressed accordingly. We have found New York to be hot, and even cool, so thats a bit hard to advice on what to wear, but don't go without taking something warm to wear, you can always leave it in the suitcase if not needed, but to many have been caught out thinking its always hot out there, its not, but at the same time it can be very humid, you can be sure, whatever you take will be wrong, you just can't tell, so just be prepared. I hope you both have a lovely anniversary on board, and I already know you will enjoy the cruise on this beautiful ship, so all the best to you both.

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