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Wilba - Answered a Question by White (08 Dec 08 07:12)

The only real difference is formal nights. A DJ/Tux or dark suit rather than a blazer is certainly more in keeping & there are some amazing deals on dinner Suits at the likes of Asda, Matalan, BHS etc. Your buying into a 5 star cruise from the 3 star lines so go the extra mile & enjoy the benefits of Celebrity.....Regards Wilba .

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Bradley - Answered a Question by White (08 Dec 08 09:12)

A bow tie would help transform a plain dark suit and white shirt into a good formal outfit but don't just get a black one as (in my opinion) something with a bit of colour would be just as acceptable and helps us compete with the glamorous outfits worn by the ladies. I've always found those wearing a neck tie on formal evenings looked a bit out of place as it is more suited to the semi formal evenings where suit and tie are the norm. Have a look in the shops mentioned by Wilba and also Tie Rack. Hope this helps.

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o'neil - Answered a Question by White (08 Dec 08 13:27)

I agree with Wilba (as usual) especially the suit outlets. I bought a black suit from Matalan, with a dress shirt and bow tie for a song, £70 altogether (do I hear cries of cheap-skate?). This was for a wedding but I took it on my first cruise which was coincidently, aboard the Constellation, going to the Baltic, but from Dover. You won't feel out of place because we were suprised at the number of people who came in much more casual attire, sadly some in jeans. I must admit that I loved the formal nights the best. As for the cruise and the ship, neither will disappoint, the itinerary is superb and the Constellation is still our favourite ship. Enjoy and Happy Cruising!!

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Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by White (08 Dec 08 14:31)

Yes I think I'm with the others in the main. You would not be banned from the dining room in a tie Blazer and slacks but you might feel the odd one out on Celebrity and I am sure that you wife will love how you look in a DJ, it does chance a man's appearance more than I care to say. Regards. Ida.

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Williams - Answered a Question by White (08 Dec 08 15:21)

I have cruised many times with both Celebrity and Costa and have enjoyed them both, as they both have certain attributes that I like. Certainly Celebrity is a couple of notches higher in terms of formality but it is not at all stuffy and my main advice to you is to be yourself and within the usual norms of dress behaviour, which you have shown you adhere to; dress in a way that you feel most comfortable. If it doesn't concern you that the vast majority of men would be dressed in DJ's then dress smartly in the way you prefer because I repeat Constellation is not stuffy and there would be nothing wrong on dressing in the manner that you have suggested. I enjoy dressing formally because it makes the two or three formal mealtimes more special but I can well understand that some people would not feel comfortable in a DJ and not enjoy the evening as much ... it is purely a personal taste and on this you should do what comes naturally not just follow the pack if its not your wish to do so. More important than dress code , what I would say is that you have chosen what I believe is one of thre best cruises on the market and with an outstanding cruise line. Most of the ports of call are really interesting and St Petersburg is outstanding and something you will probably never forget for the rest of your life - even if you are not a total culture vulture for the architecture, the art and the atmosphere are quite stunning. You are there for two days and will need to take excursions - either with Celebrity (which I did) or with a local tour company which many people do ( see this website for the debates on the alternatives). It again is a matter of taste and to a certain extent depends on how busy or how restful you want to be during your two days. If you wanted the local tours would give you 10 hours a day touring around the city and/or the royal palaces about a hour away. We preferred a slower pace and opted for two half day tours and an evening visit to the Hermitage ( this was more expensive but an absolute joy as there were only 50 people in the whole of the Hermitage!!). We didn't see as much but did things at our pace ... again its a choice. They key is to plan ahead and decide what is right for you. At most of the other ports of call, paid excursions are not necessary unless you particularly wanted to visit Berlin but the alternative of staying in Warnemunde, which is in walking distance of the ship should be considerd as it is a quaint and pleasnat place to stroll around. There are shuttle buses into Tallinn, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo or Amsterdam and provided one has done a little research on the web one can have a nice time on ones own looking at the royal palaces or the shopping areas or what one wants. Naturally if you had any specific questions put them on this website as people such as Wilba or the Downs etc plus many more would be able to give you good and free advice!! The main thing you should be focusing on is having a great time because it is a great cruise with some really wonderful cruising out of St Petersburg, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen..... you just sit back and watch the world go by and see the most amazing natural beauty ...enjoy yourselves.

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Martin - Answered a Question by White (11 Jan 09 23:47)

We had this cruise last May and it was the best yet. Try and get up early to see the journey into Stockholm, amazing. Also, the night you travel under the road bridge leaving Copenhagen - fantastic. I didn't think we were going to make it and we were doing 20 knots! Have your camera battery fully charged, you will have a great holiday. We were disappointed at the americans on board who in the main wore lounge suits on formal nights. The crew are very proud of their ship and there was a very friendly atmosphere onboard.

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JONES - Answered a Question by White (10 Apr 09 18:00)

Which date in July are you sailing?

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White - Answered a Question by White (11 Apr 09 11:06)

25th why ? does the date matter ?

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