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Demere - Answered a Question by WEBB (02 Oct 08 13:25)

If you want to mingle with english people eat english food have english entertainment drink english beer to a low prize its the wrong cruise line for you. If you want to mingle with alot of international passangers with a international flair with annoncement in several languages high prizes for beer in a italian stressfull setting and you dont mind smokers then its perfect for you. If not choose some english company to cruise with. I have been on MSC cruises I had an open mind but for me this is a low cost company you get what you pay for nothing more nothing less.

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Ayling - replied to Demere (02 Jan 09 15:53)

Can you please help. We agree with your comments but could you answer a question for us. We have booked a trans-Atlantic cruise on the Lirica (April 2009). We love criusing and have done the trans-Atantlic about 6 times but never on a MSC ship. it restriced to certain parts of the ship or all over and is smoking permitted in the dining room and other eating places. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

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DeMere - replied to Ayling (19 Jan 09 12:17)

Hello Ayling. First of all you will sure have a wonderfull transatlantic voyage on the Lirica. Its a nice ship not as big as the new MSC ships. Smoking well it is restricted to certain parts but in all lounges and in the dinning room to. I was eating dinner in the dinning room and i sure hate it when the smoking smell from the smoking area arrived to my table in the non smoking area. So I asked for a diffrent table far away from the smoking area and they moved me. Also smoking in the cabins was terrible. I was happy that I had a balcony cabin but smoking arrived from the neighbourns cabins and I told this to the front desk and they moved me to a diffrent higer accomondation. MSC have wonderful design on the ships but for me it was the wrong ship to cruise on. Especially in the summer with a lot of children everywhere and drunk italians. And smoking... You will sure have a wonderful time on lirica its a nice ship one of the smallest in the company and the food of chooice will be good. If you feel smokers are near you then just talk to the waiter and he will be happy to help you. And remember its better with a smile to much and a nice thank you to the waiters and the cabin crew then not a smile at all. Its help alot. My wife told me that she have read that MSC will soon have non smoking restaurants only so perhaps this is before your cruise so then you can enjoy your dinner without smoking passangers. And I alittle advice if you really like your restaurant waiter after 2-3 days give him like 15 euro or so in tip he will then do the best for you for the rest of the cruise. Same to the cabin steward just hand over a little tip after 5-6 days and she or he will be ver happy and do the best that you really enjoy your cruise. But a smile and a thank you will help alot. One advice that I always do when I cruise is that I never compare I look at the similar things but not so much into diffrences. You will have a great april cruise and enjoy it on a wonderful ship. Sorry about my english its not so good. Sebastian Oslo Norway .

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Bradbury - Answered a Question by WEBB (22 Sep 08 12:32)

At the top of this page there is a little link in top left hand corner - Sitemap. This brings up a list and in this list there is a link to a typical MSC menu. I am not sure exactly how you navigate to it other wise - I happened on this bit by chance recently. Has lots of hidden gems of information on all sorts. Perhaps the web people at can make this inforamtion section at bit more predominant? Anyway there is a reasonable amount of mixed fayre. There is always on the menu - chicken breast, spag bol and thin steak. The food is fairly basic, nothing exiting but palatable.

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a - Answered a Question by WEBB (22 Sep 08 13:01)

It is an Italian ship - hence Italian as the spoken language and Italian food....

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cruise - Answered a Question by WEBB (22 Sep 08 13:44)

I suggest you read recent reviews of this ship to get a flavour of what happens on board. Half way down the page alluded to in signature is a link called 'read members reviews' Scroll down to find your ship. Very useful and informative.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by WEBB (22 Sep 08 20:24)

I would say the menus are pretty well fifty/fifty with I'tye & typical European cruise fare. If you like it plain & simple you won't go hungry I can assure you.

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booth - Answered a Question by WEBB (09 Nov 08 23:57)

Decent food but as stated 50/50 and a variety of dishes (we had snails and frogs legs one night). This isn't the Britannia or Queens grill but hey if you wanted that you would book elsewhere and join the pretentious crew ? Be pleasant to your waiters - smile and say thanks when they do things for you (it is amazing how many ignorant passengers think they are VIP's at dinner) and they will look after you and your dining needs. I have eaten at the worlds only 7 star hotel (Burj) and to be honest there was'nt much comparison - plus the Lirica's staff are not as analy retentive. If you have booked this you should have a great time - we did. I would put the food in line with a typical 4 star med hotel.

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