mainwaring - Answered a Question by Fielder (14 Jun 10 16:05)

When will the Captains dinner be on the Grand Princess 11th July as it will be cup final night!!! Captain dinners are usually on the Sunday after sailing Saturday?

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middleton - Answered a Question by Fielder (01 Feb 09 20:26)

Your chances are 525/1.

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Dolan - replied to middleton (26 Feb 09 23:11)

I have been on the Captain's Table often on RCI when I used to cruise with them. Also recently have been on the Captain's Table on Celebrity twice in the past few months. Last time on Millennium it was all Elite CC members on the OZ/NZ cruise but there were only 40 Elite members on that cruise so low numbers. I was asked by the CC Hostess if I would like an invite. I of course said yes. Always very enjoyable evenings with a good mix of guests etc. Sue.

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Neil & Ida Down - Answered a Question by Fielder (02 Feb 09 16:18)

Firstly I take it that you mean an invite to join the Captain at his table for dinner and not one of the formal nights allocated by the Captain to welcome you or say goodbye. The offer to join him are, as you suggest often offered to those in the Suites or those who have sailed an inordinate number of times with the cruise line but is more often than not offered to someone considered interesting enough to be good company at that table. My tip....... Be interesting! .... Neil.

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Sheila - replied to Neil & Ida Down (02 Feb 09 16:42)

Could be the normal welcome aboard or the farewell dinners that they are referring to. If its theCaptains table I agree if you are in a suite or have travelled umpteen times, then you probably would get an invite. The thing about being an interesting person, how would he (or the organisers of the chosen) know. We dont send our C.Vs on booking. It has to be the former.

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Neil & Ida Down - replied to Sheila (03 Feb 09 10:10)

The person or persons that normally get to know you and how personable you are is the Cruise Director and his or her staff. They are often the ones who make the selection, others include the Hotel Director (that's a genuine title on board) and the Food and Beverage manager, but if you are to be "one of the chosen ones", remember some people regard this as an onerous occasion, then luck does play some part in it. Hope that helps. ....... Neil.

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Vincent - replied to Sheila (26 Feb 09 21:02)

Neil neglects to mention if he was ever one of 'the chosen ones'. But Sheila before you take his advice and charge off beaming at the Cruise Director,Hotel Director or whoever,Neil's idea of interesting might just be someone elses idea of boring! Being asked to dine with the Captain is one of the age old mysteries of cruising, only equalled by how did you get an upgrade, or how much did you pay? Like everone else my wife and I used to wonder, who gets these invites to dine with the Captain? It was never likely to be us ,we did not travel in the suites and there were always others with far more cruises with the company behind them. We were quite wrong,the invite was extended and accepted and we had a wonderful evening. It was nothing to do with any of the things that we all assume.The Captain simply allowed the senior Officer who would also be dining with him that evening to select the guests. We were selected by the Senior Purser, a charming young lady who was Irish by birth. What did we and the other guests have in common? Yes you have gussed it,we were all born in Ireland,it was as simple as that! That information and passport details ARE held at the Information/Pursers Office. Quite confusing at times for the Captain that evening but he seemed to enjoy it!

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Riley - Answered a Question by Fielder (02 Feb 09 18:40)

We've got an invite to the captains table on our cruise in June but that's because we've booked to renew our wedding vows. The lenghts some people go to eh !!!!

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James - Answered a Question by Fielder (02 Feb 09 20:04)

Hi, it is unlikely that you will be invited to the Captains table for dinner this time, but you will meet him on a formal night, the main thing is on a Cunard cruise you should have a wonderful time. Is this your 1st cruise or 1st cruise with Cunard? ...........Jude.

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Watts - replied to James (27 Feb 09 07:44)

I was invited to dine at the Captains Table on Queen Victoria in May last year. A very pleasant experience, Captain Paul Wright is an excellent host, very entertaining !!! The friend I was travelling with was also invited, it was his first Cunard cruise.. Cunard cruises are a bit special, just enjoy!!

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